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Keepsake Spoilers

Welcome to the new Computer Game Spoilers section of my gaming website. I added this section because I recently received questions about the plots of two different games which, to my surprise and embarrassment, I had totally forgotten the answers to. Then, to my further surprise, I was unable to find any existing website that would refresh my memory about the plots of computer games... lots of puzzle solutions, but no basic plot summaries.

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So I figured I'd better write some of them down while they're still fresh in my mind, just in case I or anybody else wants to refer to them at some point in the future (or in case anybody suffers a major game glitch and just wants to know what was supposed to happen in the end-- I get letters like this from time to time.) If you haven't finished Keepsake yet and you don't want the plot of this game to be revealed to you, then you don't want to read this page. Please go back to my main Keepsake page, where I give tips and reviews without giving away any of its plot.

But if you are looking for plot spoilers, just scroll further down the page to find them!

Plot Summary

A teenage girl named Lydia arrives at the magic academy run by the father of her best friend Celeste, looking forward to starting her studies there. Unfortunately the academy is deserted except for a talking wolf named Zak. Lydia soon finds a childhood keepsake she gave Celeste which has apparently trapped some of her memories in it. By watching these sequences and exploring the university, Lydia learns that the relationship between Celeste and her father Nathaniel fell apart after the death of her mother, and that Celeste has just died of illness and her stricken father has put the whole university into a trance to avoid dealing with his emotions. Lydia confronts him with Celeste's memories and he finally accepts what has happened and frees the academy from his spell. At last, a shooting star is seen in the night sky symbolizing Celeste's spirit being freed.

Character Subplots and Secrets

Zak: This talking wolf claims to be a dragon and the familiar of a powerful mage. In reality, he is just a lonely magic student who has been bullied by other students and accidentally polymorphed himself into a wolf while trying to become a dragon. He hides this from Lydia because he wants to impress her. Once they become friends he admits the truth to her.

Nathaniel: Originally he was a good father and a kind man, including rescuing Lydia from a fire. He was apparently devastated by the death of Celeste's mother and distanced himself from Celeste, who reminded him too much of his lost wife. Instead he threw himself into his work and pushed Celeste away whenever she tried to become closer to him, but he didn't even realize he was doing this until Lydia showed him the memory cutscenes from Celeste's doll.

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