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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

She Got To Travel Light Now

Khyrisse Starshadow’s brain was threatening a full-on migraine by this point.

She knotted her fingers in her hair and pulled it back tightly from her scalp as Rani jerked them through whatever extraplanar material the Hotel was made of and into a stucco room where Val and Jack were embracing. Luckily they were managing this a lot more platonically than Karel and Silverlace had been, so Aithne didn’t try to kill anyone. Khyrisse didn’t know if she had any patience left for coping with some brouhaha like that. How long have we been in here, anyway, twelve hours? Twenty-four? Two turned ankles, one transcendant but extremely draining rendezvous with destiny, a lost argument with Shannon, a friend admitting he’s secretly in love with me, an emotional reconciliation with my estranged son... crying myself hoarse over the ghosts of Trade... worrying myself sick over my damaged husband and overwhelmed friends... and now seeing my own brother in a sexually compromising position. Did I miss anything? Was there a fight with undead monsters in there somewhere? Khyrisse pulled her hair a little tighter. Small wonder I have a headache. Have I even eaten anything yet today...?

“Seven,” Rani was saying, through her teeth. “Halfway home. Grab on, Paris, my Gift won’t work on you.”

“Don’t you think it is worry that the Sidhe will follow you?” Aithne said nervously.

“I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” She flipped her silver ponytail, breathing. “Got no spare energy for worrying now. I cut the ballast three jumps ago.”

That’s one way to do it, Khyrisse thought ruefully. Pare away everything unnecessary, stop thinking about any of it till there was time to do it in. It wasn’t the first time the sorceress wished she had the discipline for that. She didn’t, though, and so she was going to have to keep muddling through her own way.

At least Jack is safe, Khyrisse comforted herself. He was the one most likely to get lost in here, after all. All we need to do now is find Ebreth and the Rat Packers we brought... and we can close the door on this place once and for all.

“Hello?” called Jack into nowhere, floating in the endless solitude of space. “Hello-oo-o-ooo!”

There was no answer. “Well, I’m sure the Rat Pack will come looking for me eventually,” he sighed.

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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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