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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Don’t Mess With The Sidhe

Eobhánail materialized in the meeting-room, her grey robes fluttering about her in the slight trembling of the Hotel. Growing weaker already. Aftershocks. There were no Atanielites here, and Eobhánail’s face was her own, the one that would slay a mortal who looked upon it. “She will not decide,” Eobhánail stated.

“She is not the first stubborn mortal to pass this way,” spoke one of the other Sidhe, in the same dry and androgynous voice as her own. “We are patient.”

“It is doubtful we can contain her long enough to change her mind. Our walls are no more than water to her.” Eobhánail shook her dew-crowned head. “This is worse than the time we had that planeblazer in here. She will soon find her way to Ataniel, and without having chosen.”

“What of it?” said one of the older Sidhe, one who rarely spoke and was less good at it. “Perhaps that is her place in the world then. Better to treat no answer as an answer of sorts, this once, than interfere in the destiny of mortals.”

“The sooner she leaves, the less trouble she will cause,” added one of the younger. “We felt Breátha Mór tremble with her flight. Let her go. She is one of three hundred.”

“This is all true,” said Eobhánail. “Still we are troubled. For twelve archetypes and one... rodent... have entered this place together, and surely they intend on leaving together. What if she would bring others with her who have not yet decided their destinies?”

“Then,” spoke the older Sidhe, with the simplicity of authority, “kill her.”

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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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