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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

“What do you mean they already left?” Vickie demanded. “Didn’t you get my message?”

“Uh,” stammered Garal, “well, yes, but, uh-- Jack and Ebreth, they--”

“Time was of the essence,” Amatsu clarified quietly. “Lady Starshadow has asked Garal and myself to travel to Shikintu to secure the team’s safe return. The journey to the Hotel could not wait... but there is still much to do on this side, if our friends are to survive their quest.” He paused. “We could use your help, if you are willing.”

Vickie frowned. It sounded sensible enough, but something about it was making her spider sense tingle. “I thought this Hotel was some kind of extradimensional rig,” she said. “What’s an adventure in Shikintu got to do with anything? You sure Khyrisse isn’t just giving us make-work to keep us out of her hair, or something?”

“The Lady Starshadow has always been most grateful of this one’s help in the past,” said Amatsu.

Garal cleared his throat. “Actually, all extradimensional spaces intersect with dimensional ones on a multiphasic level,” he said meekly. “In order to cross the positronic barrier back to the prime material, you have to have a planar anchor... if we can find a few high-density miasma crystals, I can set up a tachyonic pulse emitter to guide them home. Otherwise Khyrisse and the others might be stranded there too.”

Vickie squinted at the halfling. She never understood more than half of his technobabble anyway, but that offering was particularly obtuse. Oh, what the heck, Dare; stop being so paranoid. Garry knows what he’s doing. If he says we need a tachyonic miasma whatchamacallit, we probably do. “All right, I’m game,” she said, and gave a a resigned grin. “I was just really looking forward to the Hotel, that’s all. Boy, would those towels have looked cool in my apartment.”

“This one is sure we will find some... equally cool... souvenirs on our leg of the mission, as well.” Amatsu bowed seriously.

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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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