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Fatal Attractions, Part I

Character(s): Wyvern, Lord Kyber
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Skeins of Fate: ties that bind
Title of Post: Chemistry and Control
Wyvern lifted his pale cheek from the flagstone of the holding cell with a subvocal hiss. "Are you awake yet!" shouted Norna in his brain.
"I shall endeavor to find you a fire hydrant as soon as is possible." He sat up, rubbing his neck. "I'd been concerned something like this might happen," he lied smoothly. "This complicates matters."
"Wyvern," said Flicker, "can you put my mind in contact with hers. I know what I have to do."
"Much as it warms my heart to be accorded superpowers by the residents of this sphere," said Wyvern, "the truth is I'm a psychiatrist, Eren Messala, and the--victories--I have scored over your kind have been entirely at the cost of your own inferior intelligence and brittle, easily manipulated minds. If I could graft deathless demons onto people's minds in addition, I can--assure you--that you'd have trouble finding a timestream in which I hadn't conquered everyone."
"She kicked your ass!" complained Norna.
"I--do--believe I mentioned to you that she had a means of controlling me."
"I didn't realize you meant you were pussy-whipped."
Wyvern smiled a very dangerous smile. "I meant," he said, "that I have a--psychic implant--that she is capable of triggering at will and rendering me unconscious."
"Then maybe you shouldn't be the one to carry the rest of us in the artifact," said the Valkyrie unpleasantly.
"I would be--more than pleased--to spend the remainder of our quest in your mind," said Wyvern.
Flicker and Luthien winced simultaneously.


"You wound me," said Wyvern, with dry amusement. "I have nothing in this artifact but some--prisoners."
"Is that so?" She peeled an orange with her thumbnail, sprawled asymmetrically against the wall outside his cell. "You know, babe, you can't read my mind, either, and you usually know what I'm thinking. Give me a little credit here."
"The mere fact that I have ulterior motives does not make every theory you might think up true. You are still a novice at this, Shalini."
"Yeah yeah." She waved her hand. "So how come you're the one in a holding cell?"
"Shouldn't that, in itself, be reason to question your assumptions?"
"Hmm." She popped a section of orange into her mouth, and licked her fingers. "Have to think about that."
"Well, then I--await--your consideration."
She grinned at him. "So show me."
"I--beg--your pardon?"
"Your prisoners. You say you've got prisoners. Let me see them, and explain what you're up to with them. You do tell a nice story."
Flicker blipped in and put his palms on the forcefield. It crackled gold. "I must speak with you," he said, in the formal demonic address of the central eleven.
"Your wish," said Wyvern, smiling thinly, "is my command."
She had stopped with a piece of orange half-way to her mouth. Her eyes narrowed at him. "Who are you?" she said, in the same tongue.
"Tjekanefir Lord Vestaya," he said, "traveler through time, and I must be allowed to speak with you."
She looked at him for a very long moment. "That," she finally said, in Dalen, "is the most jackass thing I have ever heard."
"Nonetheless you must hear me," he said, still in the central eleven. "Your path is my path. I can prove it."
"What game is this?" Shalini demanded of Wyvern.
"Well, offhand I'd say he's trying to work through certain feelings of guilt over having shredded the--charming--soul you have back when he had his chance at her, but I don't really speak whatever you're speaking in and I can't read either of your minds, so that's a layman's guess at best."
"Give me a chance," said Flicker. "You need to know this."
She looked at him, looked at Wyvern, and then hit a button on the wall with her hook. The forcefield crackled out, and she pitched the orange at Wyvern. He caught it reflexively as Flicker stepped through. She hit the button again. "Just keeping you on your toes," she told the alien psychologist, lightly, and took Flicker firmly by the back of the neck.
"Naturally," said Wyvern.


"Was that long enough?" demanded Norna.
"Yes." Wyvern finished the orange. A long, thin demon sidled up outside and hit the button, and the forcefield collapsed. He didn't know what Flicker was up to, precisely, but he had some very good guesses, and things were looking much better in the long run than he had initially been thinking. "Let's be on our way."

Character(s): The Rat Pack
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Like A Bat Out Of Hell
Title of Post: Another Idea From The Kids
"I saw her first," griped Asinus.
"Stinky did not! Ixhriy saw Retty twenty years ago!"
"I can't believe my rival is an imp," muttered Asinus.
"Ixhriy can not believe him rival is a donkey!"
Khyrisse just couldn't believe the two of them thought they were fighting over her.
The Rat Pack headed for the Island of No Return.
"Maybe Khyrisse could polymorph into Ixhriy!" suggested Skitch. "Then she could beat the devil up and everyone would think Ixhriy had done it!"
"Wow," commented Kit. "Magic is useful."

Character(s): The Brat Pack
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Storyline: Hell To Pay
Title of Post: What A Wonderful Idea
"Twenty-five years ago, Ixhriy," Khyrisse corrected. "I left Eric twenty years ago."
"Retty is right... Retty was fifteen," Ixhriy sniped at Asinus, flying around the donkey's head in a challenging fashion. "And wearing sexy dress, too--more than Stinky will ever see!"
"It was down to the floor," Khyrisse protested faintly. "I remember, I kept kicking the damn thing."
Asinus jabbed his lit cigar at the imp. "She's more than twice your size, ya brat! I could explain a few things to you about the comparative size of--"
"NO! NO! That's okay!!" Khyrisse shouted, hands over her ears. Ixhriy looped jubilantly in the air and rushed back to Khyrisse, affixing himself to her shoulder again. "Ixhriy has a brilliant idea!" he chortled. "Retty could polymorph herself into a female Ixhriy to kill the mean devil, and then stay here with Ixhriy!"
"Oh, thanks, guys..." she sighed, looking at the kids. Skitch clapped a hand over his mouth to stifle his laughter.
Vas grinned a little. "He must love you for yourself, Khyrisse," he pointed out. "Or he'd insist that you keep your own body, wouldn't he?"
"I don't think Ixhriy needs any help, Vas," Valende murmured.

Character(s): Garal, Skitch, Ixhriy and K'ar'neth
Author: Eric Gasior
Storyline: Like a Bat Into Hell
Title of Post: Donkeys and Tigers and Imps, Oh My!
Skitch had lost interest in the adult conversation and was watching Garal relace his boots. A red blur suddenly emerged from the shadows, headed for Jack/Vic's backpack. Skitch reached down and grabbed it in a move too fast for the adults to see. He held up a cat. It was an average sized Siamese black point, but its underlying color was an unearthly red, and it had an infernal look in its eyes. It hissed and tried to claw Skitch's face, but he held the cat-thing at arms length.
"Khyrisse, look what I caught! It was trying to get to Jack's bag."
Ixrhiy shrieked and leapt onto Khyrisse's back. "Send away! Will hurt Ixhriy!"
Garal moved to examine the cat and noticed its eyes glowed red, not amber. The cat hissed at Garal and swiped its claws at him. Garal caught the paw on his cloak arm. "I don't think he was going to hurt you first, Ixhriy. He was going for the rat. Everybody, this little devil is called K'ar'neth. I met him the other time I was here. He has a lot of information." The cat growled. "You should help us because we'll feed you." A meow. "Yes, well. We've got some beef and lamb from the mortal world in our rations." A loud purr. "People, we've got a willing informant."

Character(s): Khyrisse and the Rat
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Storyline: Hell To Pay
Title of Post: Blue Hell
Khyrisse went in the opposite direction from the conversation between Garal and the devil-cat, taking Ixhriy and the Rat with her. She plunked down on the ground and looked at her scribbled notes. What am I doing here? she wondered, not for the first time. I�m going to be in so much trouble after this that it isn't even funny... I haven't even finished cleaning up Trade, not to mention starting on New Trade... and already I'm making enemies. The whole point was to stay neutral. Khyrisse sighed and corrected some of the formulae for Ixhriy's binding. Jack would have come after Cori without me... Valende would have wanted to go with him, and Vas would have wanted to go with his sister... Skitch would never have forgiven me for not coming after Tarrin... No one�s making me rescue Ebreth, though. And he's the one that will get me in trouble, if I manage it at all. I may have brought all of us to a very ugly end, and why? She stabbed her stick of charcoal at the paper, and wrapped her arms around her knees.
The Rat reappeared at her feet, peering at her notes curiously. "Sure," Khyrisse told it. "Any way you can think of to make this more airtight is fine with me." The Rat pawed at a nearby damp patch of ashes and got to work, a little more slowly than usual. This was more magic than math. Ixhriy, she noted absently, had wandered back towards the main camp, and Valende had stepped in his way, preventing him from bothering the cat. Why? Am I that much of a victim to my hormones? Am I doing this out of guilt? Out of pity? Out of some perverse idea of revenge against Ariath? she thought, watching the Rat squeak and chatter his way through her hypothesized geas, with his ever-increasing vocabulary. She scowled suddenly, digging her chin into her crossed forearms. And what has three hours with Wyvern done to my brain that I even care why I want to do something?
She stared into space, thinking about Ariath�s betrayal and Ebreth�s sacrifice.
Sacrifice. I don�t know that he did it entirely for me... I think there was more to it than that. He was so careful not to be anything like the Ebreth Tor of his first life. That Ebreth would probably have laughed in Ariath�s face, and let her slit my throat from ear to ear; then killed her slowly for threatening him and his... possessions. Khyrisse sighed. Crueler and more indifferent to my fate than Eric ever could be, if what I�m told about the first Ebreth Tor is true. Ebreth may have gone to Hell rather than do anything so typical of the person he didn�t want to be.
The Rat squeaked at her. �Mistake... blank space... Rat correct?�
�No no, leave it there-- that�s where Ixhriy�s true name will go. I left it blank on purpose, since only Val, Ixhriy, and I know it.�
�I understand... okay!�
Khyrisse smiled a little as the Rat�s tiny, hand-like front paws carefully sketched a smudgy box around the blank space in the equation. She rocked back and forth, watching the little creature check her work. Ebreth would have found this amusing, if he were in any state to be amused. Particularly after his comments on following a Rat, as if it were a new religion...
Of course, Ebreth was surely in no state to be amused.
Khyrisse winced her eyes shut, feeling the aching, dizzying pull outwards that had haunted her since Ebreth had left the plane, the nauseating sensation that she got whenever she thought of what they must be doing to him. Garal is right... They probably made a public example of him... oh gods... Khyrisse swayed dizzily at the much-too-vivid mental picture, gasping for air, eyes stinging. Her agitated rocking faltered, and she wobbled over onto her side, catching herself before she hit the ground. Propped up with one hand, she smacked herself in the temple with the other. Don�t think about it, don�t think about it, don�t!! she shrieked mentally. Fuck Wyvern and his finding reasons for everything!
When she opened her eyes, the Rat was peering worriedly up at her. �Checking done... Khyri okay?�
�Khyri okay,� she said, trying to get her air back. �I�ll bind Ixhriy, and then we can go see about killing this devil.�
�Cat first!� the Rat reminded her, scrabbling up her side onto her shoulder.
Garal had returned to the group, the cat in one hand. It was scarfing down Garal�s rations. "I asked about your three friends. Only Ebreth is here. There is a rumor that a mortal matching Cori's description was here, but she left with someone. He hasn't told me who, he's holding out for a second meal."
�Grendel. Give him my share if he wants it.� she said vehemently. I don�t think I�ll want to have anything in my stomach when we find Ebreth. "What about Tarrin?" Skitch asked. Garal shook his head. "No one's heard anything about him at all."

Character(s): Ixhriy
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Like A Bat Out Of Hell
Title of Post: Ixhriy Upstaged
"What about big devil!" shrieked Ixhriy. "What about Retty's promise? Don't listen to Law'nord's bad cat devil! Listen to Ixhriy! Ixhriy can help Retty find friends all by self!"
The cat yowled smugly at the imp.
"T.S. can jump off big rock!" yelled Ixhriy, on the verge of tears. He turned excitedly to Khyrisse. "Ixhriy knows where Ebreth Tor is. T.S. doesn't know that. Tell T.S. to go away, kill big devil, and Ixhriy will tell you. Please? Please?"

Character(s): Khyrisse
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Storyline: Hell To Pay
Title of Post: Stuck Between The Imp And The Deep Red Cat
"It's okay!" Khyrisse told Ixhriy, trying to avoid a fight. "Retty will kill the devil for Ixhriy, Ixhriy can lead her to Ebreth Tor!" Grendel, I'm talking like he does now...
Ixhriy hopped up and down on her back, unmollified. "Send nasty T.S. away!"
The red cat rubbed up against Khyrisse's ankles, purring obnoxiously. Ixhriy screeched in rage.
"Garal!" Khyrisse said, grabbing Ixhriy as he lunged for the cat. "Quick, bribe the creature, find out what it knows, and get it out of here! I don't want to be in the middle of this!"

Character(s): Skitch
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Like A Bat Out Of Hell
Title of Post: The Innocent Part Of Skitch
"We have to find some more devils, though," said Skitch. "Neither of these ones know where Tarrin is."

Character(s): Khyrisse, Garal, and K'nar
Author: Eric Gasior
Storyline: Hell To Pay
Title of Post: Don't You Trust Me, or What a Tangled Web We Weave
Stupid imp, K'nar thought.
Garal scooped up the cat and separated him from Khyrisse and Ixhriy. The cat growled. "He doesn't trust you." Plaintive meow. "I don't trust you either. We'll give you plenty of food if you tell us what you know about their friends." Garal looked at Khyrisse. She nodded confirmation.
The cat wriggled free and laid down on its paws. "Maiow."
Garal translated, "If we give him a lot of food he'll stay here to eat it, and if he's too full he'll want a nap."
Khyrisse got all her food from her pack -- except the chocolate -- and gave it to Skitch for the cat. The cat-thing ate greedily and purred. While K'nar greedily ate, Garal continued to ask questions. When Garal indicated to Khyrisse that he had all the available information, she cast sleep on K'nar and the creature passed out.
"T.S. should sleep for several hours," Khyrisse told the party.
The Rat Pack gathered their things and continued their journey to Ixhriy's bully.
Several minutes after they left, K'nar finished his cat-nap. And they said they don't trust me! I can come back for this later. This is going to be fun. He smiled through a yawn as he prepared to hide his reward.

Character(s): K'nar, "Big Nice Devil" (did you think I was joking, Laura? *grin*)
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Storyline: Hell To Pay
Title of Post: Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty...
Ixhriy cuddled up to Khyrisse, wrapping his little red-scaled arms possessively around her neck. Khyrisse made crooning noises to him, trying to get him to settle down, and his wings gradually stopped thrashing. He rested his head on Khyrisse's shoulder and stared back at the little red cat. Stupid cat. Thinks Ixhriy only an imp.
Ixhriy's blue eyes were slitted and gleaming.


The devil cat finished hiding its little packet of food in a nearby ruin and sat down for a quick wash. Digging always gets my paws dirty. I hate that!
A voice interrupted the creature's toilette, coming from the front of the destroyed building. K'nar's head turned instantly, eyes gleaming red. Its ears perked up as it listened to the most felinely delicious voice it had ever heard on a non-cat.
"Where is that darling creature I saw a moment ago?" it purred in a vaguely familiar way, a high voice with a husky lower register. It was definitely in the lower register at the moment. "Come here, little panther." K'nar darted to the doorway and peered cautiously around it. Crouched on the ground out front was a woman with long, curly hair the color of honey, and eyes like an autumn sunset over the ocean. Her ears were pointed, her features finely drawn, her body delicate and very feminine. Her roses-and-cream skin was covered-- if you could call it that-- in nothing but a strapless mini-dress of violet lace. Large, feathered wings fanned the air around her gently. K'nar caught her scent, fanned to him by those soft wings. The woman smelled like... he didn't know what she smelled like, K'nar decided, his eyes glazing as she turned to look at him. But it was the best smell anywhere and he loved it.
"How would you like a nice soft bed, little devil-kin?" she cooed at him, stretching her fingers towards him. Her eyes flared with a golden light for a moment, in a way that Khyrisse's friends would have found creepily familiar. K'nar bounded joyously forward. The winged woman picked him up and cradled him against her chest, scratching the itchy spot on his nose until his eyes closed tightly in sheer bliss. "Yes," she told him softly, taking to the air with a single, gentle beat of her golden-brown wings. "We're going to stay out of trouble until our friend is done with his job, aren't we?" K'nar purred his agreement and stuck out his chin so she could rub underneath it.

Character(s): Norna and Company
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Skeins of Fate: ties that bind
Title of Post: How Messed Up Is This Timeline?
"So you expected this, dragon?" Norna demanded. "Is this your idea of fun? We have a mission in this timeline, your agenda be damned!"
"Norn," Wyvern sighed. "I know that your lack of control over my lifethread scares you, but you could be a little less obvious about it."
"Look, guys," the demon who had opened the door said, "I'm giving up my commission to pit fiend by betraying Lord Kyber. The least you could do is follow me."
"Where are you taking us, demon?" Norna demanded. "I go nowhere until my questions are answered."
"I'm taking you to the Leader of the Resistance," the demon said.
"I thought we just wanted to kill her!" Norna shouted. "I have no time for the political machinations of an irrelevant world!"
"Didn't you wonder how I knew to find you, Norna?" Wyvern asked. "Do you really think that I don't have ways to make you do what I want? I'm asking nicely so that I don't. Have. To. Use. Them."
Norna stared at the exiled space dragon.
Unfortunately, the contest of wills was interrupted by a strange blast of crimson light. It came from Shilree's eye.
"The Lich Lord! He has seen us!" she cried maniacally. "He knows where I am! Rhynwa! Rhynwa!"
The Diarian crumbled to the floor.
"Our time is short. I've made all the arrangements," Wyvern said.
"I don't think we have a choice, Norna," Luthien said.
"Damn your eyes," Norna spat at Wyvern. "All right, take me to your goddamned Leader."


The slim woman looked around, ascertaining that none of the palace guards had seen her. Then, lightly, lithely, she started to climb the wall. The window that she wanted was on the third floor, but with the skills she had learned from the Blackside since her husband's death, scaling a stone wall was not difficult. Taking a slow, deep breath, she peered in the window to see if this was the time that she would die for her passion.
The room she gazed into was opulent, as befit its inhabitant's station.
Thankfully, Lord Kyber wasn't there.
The woman slipped in silently. There, lying on the bed, asleep and peaceful was the man she had come to see. Signet the Significant, First Concubine of Lord Kyber, Last of the Alsinons, Ravager of the Hibernian and Savior of Neporris. "Signet?" the woman asked gently, her hand stroking his brown hair. "Signet, love, wake up."
Signet stirred, awoke, and in a smooth motion, swung a knife around to the woman's throat. "It's me, love," the woman said. "She's not here."
"Thank goodness," Signet sighed. "After last night, I don't think I could take another..."
The woman put her finger to his lips. "Hush. I bring a message from the Leader."
Signet frowned. "I thought you were here to see me," he said, looking hurt.
"That too," the woman sighed. "But first, you need to know this... the ally that we called for has come."
"You mean...?"
"Don't say her name."
"I'm glad," Signet said. "I don't think I can take much more... if you only knew the things I've had to do... the codes I've had to break..."
"It'll all be better soon, my love," the woman said, stroking Signet's scarred face.
"I don't know what I'd do without you, Lian," he said.

Character(s): Vic Paris
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Hell to Pay
Title of Post: Vic Paris of No Return
Vic was watching Khyrisse and Ixhriy. There was something about the way the imp insisted on being the center of the archmage's attention that rubbed Vic the wrong way. Tres passive-aggressive, he thought.
Vic had also noticed something about the path they took to the Island of No Return. It was a recursive spiral, but one that seemed to fold back upon itself. Impossible in the real world, but in Hell... Vic knew that things were a bit more flexible here.
"Hey, Vally?" he asked.
"What is it, Vic?" Valende sighed.
"I think we're going into a trap, baby. Space is starting to warp in a consistently degenerating pattern. Much more 'o this, and we'll be unable to reverse direction. All directions will be the same."
"The Island of No Return!" Val cried.
"Bingo. You think you can mention that on the sly to Khyri? Not that I wouldn't love to be trapped for all eternity with you, mi amor, but..."
"I'll tell her," Val said.
"That's my girl," Vic grinned, and kissed Val on the cheek.
Val sighed. She missed Jack.

Character(s): Skitch
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Like A Bat Out Of Hell
Title of Post: The Bravado Of A Ten-Year-Old
Skitch was really tired by now, and it was making him even crankier than he already was. These stupid devils wouldn't tell him where Tarrin was, and he knew they were both lying to Khyrisse, too. He was positive this stupid imp was going to betray Khyrisse. Maybe it was pushing on through Hell all night, but Skitch really could have sworn he was starting to be able to read these things in people's faces. Skitch kicked sand as he walked. Elves didn't get as tired as humans without sleep; Jack almost never looked sleepy anyway, and Uncle Asinus had been chain-smoking. The rat was sleeping. Lucky rat. Kit seemed to be blinking sleep out of his eyes, too, which made Skitch feel a little better. But damned if Skitch was going to be the first one to admit he was exhausted.

Character(s): The Rat Pack
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Storyline: Hell To Pay
Title of Post: Khyrisse's Maternal Instinct Finally Kicks In
Khyrisse noticed that Skitch was staggering a bit and blinked in surprise. What time is it, anyway? she wondered. She was tired... but she'd been tired for days. God, when was the last time I really slept? Last night? ...urgh, definitely not. The night before? No. The night before that? Khyrisse smiled a little, face reddening. Um. No, not much actual sleep. She blinked again. Bloody hell, the last night I actually slept through was... the night after we captured Lucas St. Augustine. When I fell asleep on the sidewalk. I think that was a week ago...!
Khyrisse stopped in her tracks. "Um, folks? I think we've walked all night. I'm not sure, I'm having a hard time telling time down here. What say we camp for a while?"
Skitch sat down on the nearest rock. "Seconded!" he sighed, trying to sit up straight and look nonchalant. All he managed was looking half-awake.
"Poor kiddo," Khyrisse said, pushing his hair back from his face.
"Who this?" Ixhriy said, peering at Skitch curiously. "Has Retty's hair..." he added, very quietly.
"This is Skitch. He's my apprentice. It wouldn't be wholly inaccurate," Khyrisse told the imp, smiling gently at Skitch, "to think of him as my son."
Ixhriy put his face forward and peered more closely at the boy, as if fixing him in his memory. "Retty's son? Not Eric's?" he demanded, eyes narrowing suspiciously.
Skitch made a ferocious face. "Eric Stupidhead's? Not likely!" he said scornfully. Ixhriy grinned.
"'Eric Stupidhead'," Ixhriy repeated gleefully, and settled back down on Khyrisse's shoulder. "Ixhriy like Retty's son," he announced.
"I'm so glad you approve," Khyrisse said, rolling her eyes and winking at Skitch, who grinned.

Character(s): The Rat Pack In Hell
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Like A Bat Out Of Hell
Title of Post: Come-Ons, Remedies, and a True Statement At Last
Khyrisse noticed that her portable manse had been created in a pocket dimension of Hell, rather than the prime material, long before Jack asked if she and Valende wanted to "swing" with his uncle and him. The bat wings on Sennett, for example. The burning green braziers on top of all the lampposts. "Oh, cool!" called Kit. "A pool of sludge! Skitch, check it out!"
Skitch hesitated, and looked at Khyrisse. "Do you, uh, want to go swimming?"
"In sludge?" She blinked at him. "I think I'd like to get some sleep," she lied. "You go ahead."
"Maybe another time," Skitch told Kit, sticking close to Khyrisse.
"Retty looks stressed! Retty should let Ixhriy rub her neck!"
"Retty just wants to sleep," lied Khyrisse.
"You can sleep in my quarters," offered Asinus.
"No, I want to sleep," lied Khyrisse.
"You always sleep better after a good--"
"Are you having trouble sleeping?" asked Val, trying not to be hurt that Jack wanted to share her with his uncle and Khyrisse. "You should put a little bit of honey in your mouth. That was what our mother always told us."
"It was," said Vas.
"I have something else you could put in your mouth," offered Asinus.
"I'm fine," lied Khyrisse, pushing Val away gently with her left hand and Asinus away firmly with her right.
"It's too bad sleep spells don't work on us," said Vas.
"You should think about sheep," offered Kit.
"Retty should let Ixhriy rub her feet!"
"Hey beautiful," said Vic, cocking his finger at her, "you just need to relax a little. Free your spirit."
"I'm going up to sleep now," lied Khyrisse, pushing the imp away with her left hand and the equation away with her right.
"Try thinking about writing lots of boring things in Elvish," suggested Skitch. "That always puts me to sleep."
"I can use the totem of the sloth N'yquil upon the spirit maiden," announced Alphred. "The totem of the sloth bestows a deep and peaceful sleep free of bad dreams and congestion."
"That sounds lovely," sighed Khyrisse.
"Do you still have the oyster one?" Asinus wanted to know.

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