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The Book of Ataniel

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From The Churches To The Jails, Part IV

Character(s): Luthien and Flicker
Author: Laura Redish and Evan Haag, as channeled by Kris
Storyline: Skeins of Fate: a breather
Title of Post: Necromancers Are So Useful
"Hold on while I check the skeins," commanded Norna.
"I hope this timeline is less traumatic than the last two," commented Berryn.
Flicker plucked at Luthien's black sleeve. "Luth?" he said, moving his fingers at his shattered left cheekbone. "Can you get this?"
"Oh, sure. Just a minute." Luthien pulled out his penknife. "You got something to bite on?"
Flicker closed his jaw on a war arrow while the necromancer dug the bullet out. When he had finished he looked at Flicker for a long moment. The elf was really pretty battered, his face laid open, right hand bandaged. Luthien wasn't sure he'd ever had much of a chance to recover from fighting with Malcar, really. "Are you sure that's all you want me to do? I can heal that, you know."
"With or without damaging yourself?"
"Oh, I'll damage myself..." Luthien grinned. "It'll sting a bit, but I'll be all right."
Flicker shook his head. "I'm still up. There's no sense transferring the damage to you. I'm not hurt that bad."
Luthien just looked at him. "Flicker," he said, like the Riklander was the world's biggest idiot, "within ten minutes, whatever damage I take from you will be gone. Don't worry about it."
"Right," said Flicker. "Then please."
Luthien jerked and staggered back, feeling suddenly and violently ill, but he could feel his regeneration kicking in already. Flicker exhaled. "Are you okay?"
"Of course I'm okay," coughed the necromancer. "Janther."
Flicker rubbed his mouth, chastened, as Luthien straightened, breathing. The steadiness returned to his pale face as his body renewed itself. "I keep forgetting you can do that."
"Then it's lucky for you you're on my side."

Character(s): Shilree B and the former MDH
Author: Jeff Hersh
Storyline: Skeins of Fate
Title of Post: Dreams of the Insane
As Luthien healed Flicker, Shilree was curled up on the ground asleep.
Shilree was standing side by side with her old friends; Max, Tila, Rhynwa, and even Signet were just a few of those who where there. They were there to stop one of their own: Luthien, now Luthien the Dead. Rhynwa was grim; Shilree knew that she knew something about Luthien's transformation that she wasn't telling. Now wasn't the time to inquire. Now they had to kill an old friend.
"Let me scout ahead," said Signet.
"Fine, but if you see anything, come back immediately," said Rhynwa.
Signet put on his ring and vanished.
Shilree and Khyrisse spent the time casting defensive spells. Shilree made sure her arcane spheres were full and ready. This was going to be a nasty fight.
Lightning ripped though the sky, and something exploded in the center of the camp. Everyone moved on instinct. The spellcasters readied spells. The fighters drew their weapons. Noyarc shifted into his lupine form.
Standing in the center of the camp was Luthien the Dead. He held the severed head of Signet in his hand.
"He was never a very good thief," said Luthien. "And you never ever seem to have a good plan," he said to the party.
Chaos erupted. Luthien threw Signet's head at Max and Noyarc. The head landed between them and exploded. Body parts flew everywhere. Khyrisse cast a meteor swarm, but the rocks of fire passed around the Lich Lord. Rhynwa called upon her powers to vanquish the undead, but her former husband just laughed. Shilree cast a spell she created just for this occasion, but it proved useless as well.
"Is that the best you can do?" Luthien the Dead mocked.
The Lich Lord called forth the powers he commanded and necromantic energies flew over the party. They whirled around as if seeking someone out. Then they homed in on Rhynwa.
"Consider this a divorce," he said as the spell energies flowed through her, draining all life.
Rhynwa's corpse fell to the ground with a sickening crunch.
Khyrisse cursed and let loose her most vicious spells. Luthien, who had his back turned to the elf, was taken by surprise and was hurt by the magic. After the attack, he turned around. He was angry.
"THAT HURT," he said to Khyrisse. "But this will hurt so much more..."
Luthien waved his hand and Khyrisse was slowly pulled apart. Blood and viscera were everywhere.
Shilree cast an invisibility spell and tried to gain position on the Lich Lord. One by one the party fell. Tila and Praxis were pulled under the ground by some nameless horror Luthien had summoned. Zzenith was disintegrated. Quell died in hand-to-hand combat with the Lich Lord. Flicker immolated when he tried to shield Shannon from a lightning bolt. Shannon herself died trying to avenge Flicker's death. After it was all done, only Shilree and the Lich Lord remained.
"Come out, Diarian," said Luthien. "I have been saving you for last."
Luthien the Dead looked around him, searching for Shilree.
"There you are!"
Luthien waved his hand and Shilree's invisibility vanished. She was in the process of setting up a shot with the Arrow of Lich Slaying she "acquired" from Arturian's abandoned fortress.
Luthien laughed. "Nice try!" he said, thrusting his hand forward. Shilree was lifted violently into the air and landed at the Lich Lord's feet.
"No more games, Shilree," Luthien said. "Time to die." The Gem of Souls fell out of Shilree's backpack and rolled along the ground. "So you have it," he said angrily. "I should have figured you would steal it back from me."
Shilree didn't know what to say.
"Well, I have a wonderful idea," said Luthien. "You wanted the Gem of Dimensions so badly, you can keep it!"
Magical energies swarmed from the Lich Lord over Shilree and the gem. Her nerves were set on fire with the spell. A bolt of lightning struck Shilree in the eye, evaporating the orb. The gem then violently plunged into the empty socket, fusing with the flesh. Somewhere during the spell Shilree went insane.
When it was all over, Luthien stood over Shilree, gloating.
"Welcome to the land of the undying," he said before he vanished.
Shilree started to whimper. Then she cried. Then she laughed.
Shilree awoke screaming with terror and flailing wildly. It took the party a while to calm her down.

Character(s): "Ember"
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: You Tarzan, Me Kerouac
Alphred shook his head like a bull as Valende drove the poison from his system. "I do not understand," he said. "The E'woks are a peaceful people."
"They didn't look very peaceful to me," retorted Khyrisse, pouring herself a generous drink.
"I do not think we should indulge ourselves in the fruit of the vine now," said the jungle lord. "We must move on before more E'woks come."
"Kerouac thinks jungle man should shut up."
Alphred frowned. The wild elf did not speak very good Dalen. Alphred was much too polite to say anything about it, though. "The evil Malat'k must have gained control of some of the tribes of the jungle. We must leave the territory of the E'woks as quickly as we can. This is very bad news."
"Do you know another way to the temple?" Ember gently removed the dart from Garal's neck and touched a small device to the side of his throat. It flared and the halfling stirred, blearily.
"I do, lady of tomorrows. But it is more circuitous." Alphred frowned. "Follow me."
"Wait!" shouted Kerouac, as the jungle lord swept up a vine and swung up to a branch. "Kerouac isn't wearing pants! Oh, never mind. Kerouac is coming." Kerouac seized another vine and swung after Alphred.
"Do I have to like him?" Skitch whispered to Khyrisse, looking suspiciously after her cousin.

Character(s): The Rat Pack
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Bungle in the Jungle
Title of Post: Kerouac Is Best At What He Does...
Most of them weren't using the vines, for which Jack was eternally thankful. Watching the crazed elf swing in the breeze was not Jack's idea of a good time. Jack still couldn't understand why Khyrisse was allowing the Betrayer of the Significants in the party. It hammered in to Jack's head some of the worries he had been trying to ignore. He couldn't place when it started, but he guessed it was when Ariath left the party. Things just hadn't... clicked... since then. Khyrisse had been getting more and more upsettable, as shown by her unprecedented reaction to Marty... now she was palling around with friends like a psychotic elf and a jester who almost singlehandedly ruined weeks of recovery for the man she claimed to love. She was drinking a lot more, and now this thing with the berserker rage? Jack had seen the signs before (Gabriella, he thought briefly), but he was still lost as to a solution. Val looked at him. "What's worrying you?" she asked.
"I'm not even sure it's anything to worry about," Jack sighed. "I'll let you know if it becomes a major problem."
"Okay. But if you're going to backstab anyone, please let me know first?"
Jack chuckled. "Right... so you can get me to a cleric after I accidentally stab my leg in the process?"
"That was about the gist of it," Val grinned.


Kerouac stood on a branch above the Rat Pack. Alphred was showing him something about vines. "This one is a dark green, with no leaves. Safe."
"Safe," Kerouac repeated.
"This one is lighter, and has these thin leaves. It's not anchored to anything. Not safe."
"Safe," Kerouac repeated.
"And this is a snake, as any fool can plainly see."
"I can plainly see that," Kerouac nodded.
"Good. Follow me." Alphred took the dark green vine and swung to the next tree. He waved for Kerouac to follow him over.
Kerouac grabbed the snake and jumped.


Marty walked side-by-side with Master Ebreth. The Master seemed to be a close associate of the geeky looking guy, so Marty had been watching the mathematician for cues. It had taken a while walking, but Marty had finally figured out that if you turned the Master by the shoulders, it would change his direction of walking. Marty was busy trying to parallel Master Ebreth's straight line until someone adjusted his shoulders.
So far no one had bothered, so Marty had been self-correcting when he didn't think Master Ebreth would notice.
The sound of his footsteps matching those of the master was actually quite soothing. Marty tried to draw in breath every two steps, and exhale in the same sequence. Peace and security, he thought to himself. I must lose the self. Become one with the walking...
Then the mutant elf, a writhing snake in one hand, fell on Master Ebreth.
"Kerouac is--ssssssttt!--getting better at this!" the elf cried.

Character(s): "Ember", Marty, Vas
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: Diversions
"Oh, for heaven's--" Ember swooped down, her hair streaming urgently behind her, and snatched the snake off Kerouac and Ebreth. "Ow!" She caromed off a tree as she flung the serpent away, clutching her hand in pain. Vas moved quickly to catch her. She fumbled with her little healing device and exhaled as it glowed against her bitten hand.
"Whoa," said Marty. "Though you smite the Master, he does not flinch from his path. The tao that can be diverted is not the true tao. I've got to learn that."
Ember shuddered and turned away from them, looking up at Vas, whose arm was still around her. He removed it quickly. "I, ah, are you all right?"
"Oh, yes, thank you," she said, demurely, and took to the air again.
Vas tried very hard not to look up her swirling skirt.
"Satori could help you with that, dude."
"How about some cold water."
"I've got some of that."

Character(s): Jack, Marty, Ebreth
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Bungle in the Jungle
Title of Post: Zen and the Art of Managed Health Care
"Okay, Martin," Jack said, "there are a couple of things we need from you in return for your studying under Eb--uh, Master Ebreth."
"Right. Okay. Like tuition, huh?"
"Okay, maybe... sort of like that, I guess."
"I'm with you."
"Well, Ebreth needs to be watched out for. So that nothing disturbs his Atari."
Jack nodded. "Like people falling on him. Ebreth can't... um... be bothered with that."
"Whoa, I know. Like, major tao, man."
"Right." Jack had no idea if any of this was getting through. "So if you see stuff like that happening, it's your responsibility... uh, as Ebreth's disciple, I guess... to make sure that you either protect him if you can, or let me or Khyrisse know if you can't."
"I think I'll stick with you, math guy. She might hurt me or something."
"I doubt that," Jack said with slightly less assurance than he wanted. "But you can always ask Val, too."
"The cute elf?"
"Yes. My, uh, girlfriend," Jack said, just in case.
"Got you, man. Like, Master Ebreth will be in satori twenty-four/seven with me on the job, man."
"Yes. Good." Jack hoped that meant what he thought. One day, I'm going to have to learn this kid's language, he thought.

Character(s): KPFYR
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: It's a wonderful life
Title of Post: Epilogue: With A Little Help From Our Friends
Lotus, Praxis, Brain Mechanism, and Wombassa materialized outside the temple of Pysiri, their four hands together between them. "You must be here for the gestalt," said the high priestess, hurrying towards them.
"We came as soon as we heard," said Praxis.
"Thank the goddess. Come in, come in." Anjra hustled them to the temple gates, her arms around Lotus and Brain Mechanism. "For the purification of the Barrier, we will waive the traditional restriction against foreigners entering the holy temple."
"Who could have done such a thing?" said Wombassa, shaking her braided head.
"No one knows."

Character(s): "Ember", Khyrisse
Author: Laura Redish and Kristin L'Kar Andersen
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: More Things Khyrisse Doesn't Like
Ember skimmed down in front of Khyrisse and flew in front of her backwards. "I notice you don't like me."
"I notice you're an illusionist."
"Smile when you say that."
"Smile when I--" Khyrisse looked at her. "Are you mad?"
"What's wrong with illusionists?"
Khyrisse laughed shakily. "Well, other than the fact that my ex-husband is one and I'd dearly love to see him in screaming agony at my feet, not much..."
"No, I didn't say 'What's wrong with your ex-husbands'. I said 'What's wrong with illusionists'. As I was never married to you, your feelings towards your ex-husbands aren't really applicable."
"You know, I could pursue this line of conversation--but I don't think that any argument I come up with is going to hold any water with you, and any counter-argument you might have isn't going to hold any water with me... so I'd just rather not be rude."
"Little late for that, isn't it?" She pushed a long dark curl out of her face, smiling a little. "Not everyone becomes an illusionist to deceive people, you know. Some of us just like to be a little mysterious." She winked over her shoulder and took to the air.
Khyrisse sighed and kept walking through the stupid jungle. "I hate mysterious, too," she said to nobody.

Character(s): "Ember"
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: Just be glad I'm getting this out of my system
"So where are we now?" Khyrisse called ahead to Alphred.
"We are passing through the land of the Flying Monkeys!"
"The flying--"
As if on cue, a large flying monkey swooped down from a tree and seized Skitch. "Oh no!" yelled Skitch. "Watch the hair!"
"I don't believe--" Ember struggled with two of them midair.
"Come with us," chittered the largest monkey, grabbing Khyrisse by the upper arm. "You are in great danger. The Great Gibbon must speak with the Jungle King."
"A gibbon isn't really a monkey," Jack pointed out. "It's an ape."
The flying monkeys who were picking the mathematician up gave him dirty looks. "We are his monkey minions," said the smaller one.
"I already know how to fly!" Ember gave up and let the flying monkeys carry her. "Were all your adventures like this?" she asked Val, being carried along beside her.
"In the last one, we followed a rat," sighed the cleric.
"Ssssssss! Kerouac would like an in-flight drink!"

Character(s): Skitch, the Pack
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: Off To See The Gibbon
Skitch was hating Salagia more and more with each passing hour. He didn't want to admit it in front of Kit, who seemed to be enjoying herself, but the way these monkeys flew was making him sick. They didn't smell any too good, either.
Both moons were up in the Salagian sky by the time they landed in the mouth of a cave, half-way up a jungle cliff. "The Great Gibbon must meet with the Lord of the Jungle," explained the leader of the winged monkeys. "The rest of you will be safe here." He backfluttered swiftly into the cave mouth. "Assuming you're not stupid enough to just step outside for something, right? We're five hundred feet up?"
"Your point?" said Kerouac.
Khyrisse steered Kerouac hurriedly away from the entrance and cast her mansion on one of the stone archways of the cavern. "I'll tell Sennett to let you in when you get back, Alphred."
"Thank you," said the jungle lord, solemnly. "I hope I will return with good news for us all." The monkeys leapt to the air with him, bearing him on their feathered wings to his meeting with the Great Gibbon.
And, in Malat'k's pouch, Nick waited. And smiled.

Character(s): Dr. T.B. Swank, Malat'k, the Creature Commandoids
Author: Jungle Jonah Cohen
Storyline: Jungle Boogie
Title of Post: Ambiance Ambiance Ambiance!
They stood, overlooking one of the ancient valleys of Salagia. Despite the heat and humidity, the human scientist looked not at all uncomfortable in his black trenchcoat. If anything, he looked nonplussed.
"The Jungle Lord still has one of his totems. The mage was holding it."
"Well, my minions did what you ordered them to. Believe me, you don't want Spike trying to improvise. Which one do they have?"
"The oyster!"
"Well, I can see how that could be cause for concern. Maybe he'll spit pearls at us. Besides, don't you appreciate a challenge?"
"I thought of something," Kong said.
"Oh no." Malat'k put his head in his claws.
"You're getting ready to summon this Ta'al, or Sz'al, or Weird'al or whatever right? Well, if you want a really good summoning, you know what you need? A human sacrifice!"
"Yeah!" Bud added with enthusiasm. "You could toss some chick into a volcano!"
"That's a great idea!" Slug put in. "You've got plenty of babes down in the valley. It's not like they won't reproduce quickly enough."
"And no wonder, what with their gazonkas hangin out free in the wind."
"No!" Malat'k said. "Besides, there aren't even any active volcanoes around here."
"No problem," Dr. Swank said. "That can be remedied. Hot!"

Character(s): Alphred and the Gibbon King
Author: Jeff Hersh
Storyline: Bungle in the Jungle
Title of Post: Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil
The flying monkeys landed with Alphred at a hut on top of the tallest tree in the area.
"The Gibbon King awaits you, Jungle Lord," said one of the monkeys.
Alphred bowed to the flying simians and walked into the hut. The Gibbon King was lying on a branch inside the hut, munching on a jungle pear.
"Ah, about time you got here," said the Gibbon King.
"You wish to speak to me, honored Simian Lord?"
"Yes, I have grave news."
Alphred joined the Gibbon King up on the branch.
"Malak't has been seen with creatures not of Salagia. My flying monkeys tell me that he has allied himself with a powerful shaman.�
Alphred frowned. Malak't himself was a powerful magic user, but now who knows what power he commanded.
"This is not good news, Gibbon King," said Alphred.
The Gibbon King nodded. "That is not all. The Mole People, slaves of Malak't, have found the third of the lost obelisks. They only need one more and they can perform the ceremony."
Alphred didn't like that at all.
"Gibbon King, my friends and I are headed back to the Temple of Tiki-too. Malak't sent followers to steal my totems, they got all but one."
The Gibbon King was visibly upset. "Jungle King, you do not have time to take a jaunt to the temple. The Great Spirits told me to give you this."
The Gibbon King threw a small stone carving at Alphred, who caught it. The carving was hideously ugly. It looked like a cross between a Dali and a Picasso painting.
"What sort of totem is this?"
"I don't know. All I was told is that you will know when to use it." Alphred nodded and had faith that the Great Spirits were right. "Now, let me offer my hospitality. You and your traveling companions are free to stay the night. However, you must leave at first dawn. Agreed?"
Alphred agreed.
The Gibbon King called for one of his flying monkey minions. The simian arrived promptly and flew Alphred to the cave where the rest of the Rat Pack waited.

Character(s): Jack, Ebreth, Marty, and the Rat
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Meanwhile, back in the mansion...
Title of Post: A Game Of Knots
Jack had noticed that Ebreth's eyes were focusing more. He still wasn't doing anything other than mutely following the mathematician, unless he was specifically instructed; but Jack was starting to think he might be able to follow more complicated instructions. He frowned, and then he took a bootlace out of his pocket and tied it into a knot. "Ebreth, can you untie that?"
His facial expression didn't change, but he accepted the bootlace, unknotted it, and gave it back to Jack.
"Okay, let me try a harder one."
"Is this, like, a koan?" said Marty.
"No, it's math." Jack tied a more complicated function.
"Can I try?" Marty started unlacing his boots.
"Sure." Jack gave the new knot to Ebreth and tied one for Marty. Ebreth handed the lace back. "Okay, you're obviously good at this. I'm going to get tricky on you."
"I understand!" squeaked the Rat, and came scampering out of Jack's pack with the other bootlace in his mouth.
"You want to play too?" Jack gave Ebreth an especially recursive knot. His sailor's fingers picked at it deftly. "Make one for me."
"Whoa," said Marty, his brow furrowing. "This is, like, really hard. Does this symbolize the complexity of life?"
"Uh," said Jack, "yeah." The rat gave him the snarled lace, and he analyzed its function, impressed. "Wow. That's a good one."
"Thank you!" yipped the rat.
"So should I, like, become one with the shoelace?"
"Sure. Why not?" Jack worked on the rat's knot, happily. No one had ever wanted to do things like this with him back on the estate.

Character(s): Nick
Author: Jeff Hersh
Storyline: Bungle in the Jungle
Title of Post: Chaos Coming for the Bad Guys
Nick was tired of being cooped up in the medicine bag. He wanted to get out. Ever since he and the totems were stolen he had been stuck here and was getting very bored.
"Time to see what is going on," said the shapeshifter.
Nick turned into a nightcrawler and creeped out of the bag. He and the pouch were sitting on a nondescript table. Nobody else was around.
"Idiots," Nick said to himself, changing into Alphred form.
Nick grabbed the pouch of totems and smiled. These were just what he needed.
Nick opened the bag and searched through the totems for one particular one. He soon found it. The totem of Wha'ash, the water spirit.
Nick changed shape to mimic Spike, strapped the pouch around his waist and went out to cause some much needed trouble.

Character(s): Jack Paris
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Bungle in the Jungle
Title of Post: Spank the Monkey
"Whoa..." Marty said, looking around. "I sense negative karma."
"And that's... bad?" Jack asked.
"It's like, evil, man."
"You can sense evil?"
"Yeah, it's like some sort of disturbance in some great..."
"Force?" Jack offered.
"Not really," Marty said. "But it'll do."
Jack looked back at Ebreth. "Take Master Ebreth upstairs and go get Khyrisse," Jack said. Marty bit his lip, but emulating Master Ebreth, he nodded and did what the nerd asked him to. Jack opened the mansion door and looked around.
The flying monkeys were gone. Instead, there was just one huge gorilla standing in the mouth of the cave.
"You must be Paris," the gorilla said.
"What are you? How did you...?" Jack stammered.
"My boss told me to make sure that you don't make it to help the jungle lord." The ape pulled a wand from Jack-didn't-want-to-know-where. "Dispel magic," the gorilla said, aiming the wand at Jack. "Word on the street says that should take care of you."
The gorilla shot, but Jack had already dodged. Only a monkey would explain how he was going to shoot you before actually doing it.
The beam whizzed past Jack, missing him entirely.
And hitting the Mansion.
The entrance disappeared, leaving Jack alone in the cave with Kong.
"Oh, flark..." Jack said as the gorilla took aim once again...

Character(s): Jack, Kong, Khyrisse
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: You Say Slapstick, I Say Tactical Errors
"Say your prayers, kid," said Kong.
Jack tried to dive for some stalagmites in the back of the cave, but he slipped on some bat guano and landed on his ass, directly in front of the gorilla. Who was pointing the wand right down at his head. "You'll regret this," said Jack, with more bravado than he felt.
"And monkeys might fly out of my butt," he scoffed.
That was when the four flying monkeys came up behind Kong and yanked him off the lip of the cave mouth.
Jack had never heard so much noise in his life.


Kong ripped his mighty arms free of the smaller primates and beat his chest like a kettle drum. The monkeys fled from the fear spell in abject panic, and the gorilla laughed triumphantly.
Then he realized there was nobody holding him up anymore.
It was a long way down.


"I don't understand it," said Khyrisse, rattling the door. She put her left boot against the doorjamb and pulled. "This door is magic. It shouldn't stick like this unless someone casts a dispel magic on it or something." She put her other boot up on the other side of the door and pulled with all the might her strength spell accorded her.
Which was when the dispel wore off.
Khyrisse smashed back into the wall as the door suddenly unstuck and hit her in the face. "Oh my goodness!" said Ember. "Are you all right?"
"Greetings, spirit maiden!" cried Alphred.
"That gorilla's trying to kill us again," said Jack.
"Ow," said Khyrisse, in a little voice.

Character(s): "Ember"
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: Don't Tease The Goddess
Ember admired the wood paneling inside the mansion. "Nice illusion!" she praised Khyrisse, her eyes twinkling.
The sorceress gritted her teeth audibly and turned away, holding an ice bag over her injured nose.
"You know, I'm trying to save your life here. You could be a little less hostile."
Khyrisse stomped up the stairs, her hand in a fist.
"Or, you could not," said Ember, rhetorically, and sat down on the old-fashioned sofa with a puff of a sigh.

Character(s): Garal
Author: Eric Gasior
Storyline: Jungleland
Title of Post: I Can't Believe How Clumsy He Is
Garal watched the psychodrama unfold in front of him, and crossed the room to Ember. "Don't take Khyrisse's reaction personally, she's always like that. So, uh, is Ember your real name, or is there some time traveller code that keeps you from saying?"

Character(s): "Ember"
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Ashes To Ashes
Title of Post: Ask A Silly Question...
"Time traveler code, of course," said Ember. "But it's a pretty name, no?"

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