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Fatal Attractions, Part V

Character(s): Princess Kristin
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Storyline: Hell To Pay, OUAT 813
Title of Post: I Hate Having Two Meta-Krises In One Place! *grin*
"Magic-resistant!" gasped Khyrisse. "Kristin, it's all up to you!"
The blond psionic blinked as she heard this, and sighed. Her family's scarily strong psionic talents were always used for defense, not attack. She had enough to do in shielding the group from Shaizephon's continued assaults, anyway-- and she felt sure that she wasn't stopping all of them... there was a vague hint of something small and vicious sneaking past her, while she was occupied by deflecting a killing blow. I never was much good at the killing things part. I never particularly liked it. Where's a hero when you need him...?

Character(s): Big Nice Devil and her friends
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen and Evan Haag
Storyline: Tucson To Pay
Title of Post: Girl Talk, Revisited
Glasya peered down through the skylight of the banquet hall. She cringed gracefully in sympathy as Shaizephon smashed Ixhriy's obsession face-first into the wall.
"Ouch!" she murmured, rubbing her own straight little nose. "That's going to leave a mark."
"How goes the fight?" a brunette of her kind asked, absently. She was dividing her attention between the drawbridge of the Palace and the magazine in front of her. Her iridescent black wings fluttered aimlessly as she lay stomach-down on the rooftop, flipping pages.
"Not good. But I think they'll rally."
"Ooooh, that would look great in blue!"
Glasya sighed.
A redhead came swooping in, whooping triumphantly. In each of her hands she had a struggling little tattle-tale. "These little dipshits were trying to sneak out a window," she said, glaring cheerfully at each in turn. "Whattaya think, shall I make them into a pair of boots?"
"You're enjoying this way too much."
"Nasty, you're blocking my light!"
"Well, get your nose out of the magazine, gir-- ooh, that would look great in red!" She leaned over to look, casually snapping the necks of both of her captives.

Character(s): Schneider
Author: Jonah Cohen
Storyline: Hell Hell Hell H-e-double toothpicks!!!
Title of Post: One Hell of a time to look in on this storyline!
"Paninaro, Boss! I didn't think you meant, like, Hell literally!!!"
With a bit of revulsion, Schneider looked back at the mirror. Khyri and a bunch of people he didn't recognize were slugging it out with some ugly-ass infernal creature in what had to be, sure as eggs is eggs, Hell. It was looking, unsurprisingly, like a grim encounter indeed.
And there was nothing he could do.
I don't know anything about Hell, Schneider thought. Except that, y'know, I'd like to avoid going there. I don't know anybody who does know anything that might be useful. OK, think, he told himself, trying to fight off panic. Who'd know? Luthien and his Spectral bunch. Max. Magnate. Janther, er, Flicker certainly. But he wasn't exactly Praxis, and he was out in the middle of nowheresville, Nylevia. How was he supposed to get help? He had only one avenue available - if only it would be in time...
He reached into his possible bag and took out a wand. Certainly not the fun-house his original wand (now embedded in his body) was, but more reliable. Useful for storing a few extra spells. He got ready to place a call for help and prayed to a God now dead that it would be in time.
One of the guys who seemed to be on Khyri's side held up something, and it seemed like the ugly dude had been hit by an itch cantrip. Damn impressive, Schneid thought, and was about to cast the Message spell when a thought hit him...


Shaizephon smashed the elven sorceress' face into a wall. Ah, so many souls to torture - who first? The pathetic imp could wait, probably he'd let it watch as he went to work on the elf. First... let that psionic bitch have it. Oh, he was going to enjoy rending her brain. If only this itching would stop.
Hello, a voice in the devil's head spoke. This is Monas, Bringer of Light. Would you care to explain just what you're doing?!?
Shaizephon froze, and if he had had a heart it would probably have exploded out of his throat. "M-m-master?" he whispered.


Elsewhere, Intendant Lilith watched the escalating conflict with interest, fully aware of the observer in the land of the living and his actions. "The mighty brought low by the weak indeed!" she roared.
Then she laughed and laughed and laughed.

Character(s): Lilith
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Lilith Quests
Title of Post: Rest Break Over
Lilith wiped tears out of her eyes and snapped her magic mirror shut on the image of Shaizephon scratching his hiney like a chimpanzee and getting the bejeezus scared out of him by a distant jester. She would have liked to watch more--Shaizephon was a brat, and she was secretly hoping someone might throw him into the Pit of Flames--but she had a task to do here on Brytannwch. And if Starshadow had just come to Hell to kill Shaizephon, Lilith really didn't deem her presence there any kind of an emergency.
Lilith stood up, twisted her copper bracelet, and entered the Hall of Time.

Character(s): The Rat Pack, Schneider
Author: Jonah Cohen
Storyline: Are we STILL in Hell?
Title of Post: Payback is just Hellish, I tell you
"Vas, Val, come on," Vic Paris implored, "we can take this putz!"
You weren't one of the faithless who thought me dead were you, Shaizephon?
"No, no! Not at all, master! Of course not!"
"Alphred," Princess Kristin said through clenched teeth, "I, I think he's weakening for some reason. We've got to press him. Now!"
The undead devil winced in pain. That psi-slut was trying to pinch his brain. Oh, she was going to---
Oh, excuse me, Shaizephon. I didn't realize you had more important matters than myself to deal with...
"No!!! Not at all!!!"
I hope the little mortals weren't causing you too much pain...
"Bah! Laughable!" Another lightning bolt hit him in the face.
Ixrhiy continued to cower. He had to do something. Had to save Retty. He would, he would...
For some reason, the devil had let go of her. Marlukin, her face hurt! Shaizephon was babbling at empty air. "Why, these mortals can do nothing that would distract me for a microsecond from your August Presence, Lord..." What-ever. Khyrisse was extremely pissed off at this point. She remembered something she'd seen Warp and Praxis do. Her face a mask of anger, she cast a spell, and a huge chunk of masonry fell from the ceiling onto Shaizephon's head. Over the cacophony, Vic Paris could hear her shout a word which, he was 97.05% certain, was "Bitch!!!"
Glas continued to look down at the brawl with her sisters. "Whoah, you just know that that's gotta hurt."
"Do you think this makes me look fat?"

Character(s): Operator #27
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Hell to Pay
Title of Post: You Knew They Went To Hell, Didn't You?
The sound of ringing phones was incessant.
"Hi. This is Hell's Operator #75..."
"...Hell's Operator #14, would you be..."
"...#9412, would you be interested in changing your..."
"...interested in changing your long distance service?"
Operator #27 had been particularly bad. That must be why her cubicle was smack dab in the middle of the telemarketing department. As if being in charge of transplanar accounts wasn't punishment enough.
"Hey, I got a new account for ya," Department Supervisor #612 said, tossing a red folder onto Operator #27's desk.
"Shit," sighed Operator #27, opening the file. "This guy never even registered for transplanar service!"
"Not my problem. Send it to collections," DS #612 sighed.
"Damn straight I will," Operator #27 said.


"Please insert one human head for continued connection," Schneider heard a voice say in the middle of his spell.
"What the?"
"Please insert one human head or be transferred to the collections department."
"Collections?" Schneider asked, looking around the room, knowing that the likelihood of finding a human head lying around was slim and unpleasant.
"Please hold," the voice said.
A moment later, Schneider looked up at the biggest, meanest devil he had ever seen.
"Who're you?" Kit asked.
"My name is mud," Schneider sighed.


Operator #27 smiled as the blinking light on the telephone unit shut off. She took the file labeled "Schneider" and stamped it "PAID IN FULL."

Character(s): Shaizephon
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Hell: Big Mean Devil
Title of Post: Schneider Joins The Horror
Khyrisse gaped as Schneider suddenly appeared right in front of Shaizephon. The devil frowned as the connection with Lord Monas was severed and inspected the human before him. Shaizephon was a pretty gullible devil, but he was also a very powerful psionic. It took him two and a half seconds to realize what had been going on. "So," he said, unpleasantly. "Looks like the demon jester of Fleet Street made it to Hell a little early." He flung Schneider away from him and into a puddle of congealing blood. "You are as helpless to protect your lady love from me as that punk imp is. Sit back and enjoy the show, pipsqueak." Schneider felt his limbs stiffening as the giant arch-devil advanced on Khyrisse, who had her hand clamped over her broken nose. He tried to move but found to his horror that he could not.
"Come here, 'Retty'," said Shaizephon. "Your faithful imp brought you into the middle of the wrong grudge match."
"Run Retty!" shrieked Ixhriy.
"Hey, Vally, sunshine," said Vic.
"Not now, Vic!"
"This is important, baby."

Character(s): Garal
Author: Eric Gasior
Storyline: Hell: The Big Mean Devil
Title of Post: A Bad Idea
Garal had been looking for planar anomalies since they left the mansion, and it looked bad. All roads led in to the middle of the Island Of No Return. Maybe he could blaze a new one out, maybe not. The way this fight was going, he might have to try soon.
Just then, a transplanar junction opened and a man slid out.
The big devil threw the newcomer out of the way, and moved towards Khyrisse again.
The halfling had seen too much today. Trust in authority shattered, crucified bodies on display, and now an innocent person smashed against a wall. "Vas," he whispered, "see if you can do anything for him."
Garal stopped hiding and got in front of Khyrisse as the thing turned back to her. He pulled himself up to his full three and a half feet, held his walking stick like a baseball bat and yelled, "Hey you! Why don't you stop being a bully and pick on someone your own size!"
The devil moved to swat the pest away. Just as Shaizephon made contact with the bravely stupid halfling, a gate opened and Garal pulled both of them through. It only led three feet away-- this place was a planar knot -- but it bought Khyrisse some more time. Garal crumpled against a wall and passed out.

Character(s): The Rat Pack
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen and Evan Haag
Storyline: Hell: Big Mean Devil
Title of Post: That's It! The Elf-Chicks Are Pissed!!
Khyrisse sat on her butt on the disgustingly filthy floor of the banquet hall, hand cupped over the spike of pain that was probably a broken nose.
She was staring in total astonishment at the very familiar surprise guest that had nearly landed in her lap.
Shaizephon tossed the former jester aside like a rag doll. He landed sprawled in a puddle of blood.
Khyrisse just could not get her mind around the idea of Schneider being here at all, no matter what he'd done during the Madness. The fact that her head was ringing from repeated blows against the wall was certainly not helping, either.
Vas rushed over to Schneider and pulled him into a sitting position against the wall. "Schneider! Are you all right?"
"I've been better," Schneider managed.


Valende glared indignantly at the bullying devil, and was distracted by Vic once again.
"Vally, doll," Vic said in her ear. "I don't know what you're seeing, but this guy's a fourteen karat phony. Ixhriy's little friend is just not worth this much upset! Aim for his middle with that big knife of yours, you'll get the picture!"
Valende looked at him in irritated bewilderment. The only thing she managed to get out was, "Big... knife?!" She turned to look again at Shaizephon. The thing was twice her height and had broken Khyrisse's face on the wall, right through a stoneskin. Whatever "Vic" was seeing had to be totally out of whack.
"Val," Vic murmured, with a cool grin. "Trust me."


Garal leaped up between the stunned archmage and the devil. Without warning, Shaizephon swatted at him, and both of them winked out, reappearing several feet away from Khyrisse. Garal was thrown into a nearby wall and slid down it. Khyrisse blinked, lowering her hand from her nose. Her eyes narrowed, a fierce scowl contorting her bloody face. You-- goddamned-- bully! Ixhriy, Garal... Schneider... I can't think of anyone who needs to be here less than HIM...!
Shaizephon was reaching for her again. Fuck saving it for whoever's guarding Ebreth. I can rescue him without it. Khyrisse spat blood and cast her lower resistance spell in his face. "Choke on it, asshole," she hissed, seeing flickers of motion beyond him. She braced herself for whatever the creature was about to do, buying the few moments needed for his magic resistance to bleed away.


I hope Jack is still under there somewhere, or this is going to be a painfully wasted effort. Val thought, whispering a prayer under her breath. As it took hold on her sword, she leapt forward to drive the holy weapon straight through the devil�s midsection.

Character(s): Shaizephon, the man behind the curtain
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Hell: Big Mean Devil
Title of Post: Reunions and Revelations
As Val swung her blazing sword through the midsection of Big Mean Devil he doubled over and landed on the ground in a heap. Princess Kristin stared. "Well, that--was surprisingly easy," she remarked. Suspiciously so, but her psionics revealed no trace of Shaizephon's soul around, either.
"Mask man save my Retty!" cried Ixhriy from under the table, with great emotion. "Nosti'ne kill Big Mean Devil! Happy day for poor Ixhriy!"
"He's dead?" exclaimed Skitch.
"I'd been going to backstab him," complained Kit. "I could have been a Devilslayer!"
"Big Mean Devil is dead!" Ixhriy scurried out excitedly, then froze in place as Shaizephon's body collapsed... into a scrawny little form with broken glasses, barely bigger than Ixhriy. "That not Big Mean Devil!"
"I told you he was just a bully, little guy," crooned Vic. "I don't know why you guys thought he was magic resistant. The lovely lady's lightning bolt had him all shook up."
"I wasted my lower resistance?" whispered Khyrisse. She shrugged it off dizzily and scrambled over to embrace Schneider, tightly. "Are you all right? What are you doing here?"
Ixhriy was saying some things in Impish that Khyrisse had never learned the exact translation of and kicking Shaizephon's body. "Ixhriy HATE psionics! HATE HATE HATE!"
Val healed Garal. "Vic," she said, softly, "I'm sorry I doubted you."
"Ixhriy could have beat up bad poser devil long time ago! Ixhriy never had to go to Pit of Flames!" Ixhriy kept kicking the body in rage. "At least Ixhriy get his promotion now," he grumbled.
"You're gonna get promoted?" said Kit. "You don't get in trouble for killing other devils?"
"Not if nice friends like Retty do the dirty!" Ixhriy attached himself lovingly to Khyrisse. "Everybody hate Bad Poser Devil. Big Nice Devil offered Ixhriy promotion if Ixhriy kill him. But Ixhriy not want to get in trouble. Now Ixhriy gets promotion and no trouble!"
"And now Ixhriy is going to tell nice Retty where her friend is, right?" said Khyrisse.
"Retty's friend is in big trouble," said Ixhriy. "Let some people out of Hell." The light dawned. "If Ixhriy lets Retty friend out of Hell, Ixhriy will be in big trouble too!" He covered his little eyes in alarm.
"Ixhriy! You promised!"
"Ixhriy promised. Ixhriy--will lead Retty to Retty's friend." The imp sighed in obvious relief. "Then Ixhriy not get in trouble. And Retty not live here, so Retty can't get in trouble. Ixhriy will lead Retty there, but not go in."
"Thank you, Ixhriy."
"Place is in Ar'xhay," said Ixhriy. "Worsest part of Hell. But Retty not go now." He tugged on her ear. "Tonight."
"Retty wants to hurry," said Khyrisse, tightly.
"Tonight tonight. Retty rest with Ixhriy first."
"Dangerous there!" he cried. "Place is for criminals who are bad in Hell, and mean big mean devils work there all day. Retty should go at night. Nobody tortures people at night."
"Why not?" asked Kit, curious.
"Union rules," said Ixhriy.
"Retty should wait until big devils leave." Ixhriy snuggled into her side. "Ixhriy didn't have to tell Retty that. Ixhriy did it anyway. Ixhriy loves Retty."

Character(s): Glasya and her sisters
Author: Kristin L.K. Andersen and Evan Haag
Storyline: Hell To Pay: Time-Out
Title of Post: Up On The Roof
Glasya gasped and stared down through the skylight.
Both of the others turned around.
"Glas? You okay?"
"What's up?"
"They won," Glasya whispered.
"Whoa!" The redhead and the brunette crowded around their older sister. Glasya pushed her amber curls away from her face in a bewildered gesture. The three stared down at the decomposing body of the bully. Ixhriy ran over and started kicking the scrawny little form that was left.
"I don't believe it..."
"That son of a bitch!"
"You mean all this time...?"
A three-voiced, eerily harmonic shriek went up from the roof of the Palace that Fell to Hell.
"All right..." Glasya said, regaining her composure. Her violet eyes still gleamed with angry yellow sparks. "All right. Ixhriy's fine, and his mortals killed Shaizephon. A deal's a deal. I'll go cash in my favor and get Ixhriy his promotion."

Character(s): A Butt-load of Powerful Devils
Author: Evan Haag
Storyline: Hell To Pay: Big Mean (Lying) Devil
Title of Post: Elsewhere in Hell...
The osyluth council convened without warning, causing several thousand lesser devils to scurry for safety. They really didn't want to be anywhere near a meeting of the Council of the One Hundred. The osyluths gathered silently around the Pit of Flames, the traditional place of punishment for offending devils. Several of the arch-devils had recently been going in for non-traditional methods of chastisement, but not the osyluths. They ran things by the book, and that meant the Pit of Flames or nothing else. As the last of the bony devils took his place in the circle, the eldest of them spoke. "Know ye all the reason for our convening?" An unholy murmur of agreement rippled across the pit, emphasized by the clacking together of scorpion-tails. They all felt the need for this meeting.
"Very well. Let it be recorded then that the supplicant Shaizephon has failed in his probationary duties, and is hereby denied the status of osyluth in Lord Monas' unholy army. For his weakness and failure, we, the Osyluth Council of One Hundred, cast him into the Pit of Flames."


Ixhriy scurried behind Khyrisse suddenly, feeling the old familiar pull of the Pit of Flames. Khyrisse wondered what could have made him so jumpy all of a sudden. Without warning, a shriek erupted from Big Mean Devil's body, causing everyone in the banquet hall to jump a little. As they watched, the crumpled form burst into bright blue-green flames, then quickly dwindled away into nothingness. Not even a pile of ash was left behind.

Character(s): Shilree B
Author: Jeff Hersh
Storyline: Skeins of Fate
Title of Post: Shattered
"An entrance to the castle?" Shilree said, half musing. "That I can provide."
The Diarian pulled a small crystal sphere humming with power from her worn and battered Trade diplomatic pouch.
Luthien, recognizing the spell sphere, grew cold.
"You are not thinking of..."
"Spiffy, I strongly suggest you tell your army to attack at the signal. They will know what it is when they see it. They have three minutes."
Shilree just smiled a cold smile and vanished. A few moments later the castle above them rumbled like it was at the epicenter of an earthquake. Dust and small stones fell from the wine cellar's ceiling.
"I can't believe she just did that," Luthien said, half believing it.
Shilree reappeared like a wisp of smoke. She was burned and blackened. It looked like she had been at the center of the explosion.
"You ok?" asked Luthien, moving to help her.
Shilree threw her hand up to ward him off. A sickly red glow crept across her from the jewel in her skull. Its energies healed her wounds and clothing as it crept across her. Shilree, in obvious pain, collapsed onto her knees, trying to hold in a scream.
"For heaven's sake!" Luthien whispered.
Quickly, the red glow faded. Shilree started to laugh the laugh of the insane.
"It has been a while since I was blown up," she said between outbursts. "Now, Spiffy, you had an army to signal. I suggest you do so. Now."

Character(s): Flicker, Lord Kyber
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Skeins of Fate: ties that bind
Title of Post: Sunfighter
Lord Kyber slowly took her hand from his face. They looked at each other for a very long moment there on the couch. She struggled for something to tell herself. Himself. What-the-fuck-ever. "I," she said. Then came the explosion. Their heads turned together. "Wyvern," she said. He didn't say anything, but his lips compressed. Shalini caught his arm. "Come on. We've got to stop him."

Character(s): Vic, the Rat Pack
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Hell to Pay
Title of Post: The Island of No Return, a linguistic analysis
"Vic," Val sighed, "I'm sorry I doubted you."
"Heyyyy," Vic crooned. "No problemo, gorgeous. All in a day's work for Tricky Vic Paris." Vic gave a thumbs-up and clicked his tongue.
"So which way is this... Ar'Xhay?"
"It on other side of the Tower of Justice, next to Where The Lawyers Be. It guarded by fierce beastie with head of a slug and brain of an auditor."
"I didn't know slugs had heads," Asinus muttered.
"The totem of the Slug is very powerful," Alphred said. "I do not know of this Oddi't'r, but we must be careful."
"Must go at night!" Ixhriy insisted.
"He seems awful set on that," Asinus said. "I vote we go after lunch. I don't trust midgetboy."
"You just jealous Retty love Ixhriy and not donkey man!" Ixhriy cried.
"You know," Vic said, "from in here, this spatial anomaly is a complete inversion of how we got here."
"Oh, bullhonkies," Asinus growled. "She's just pitying you, ya twerp."
"Well she just humor silly donkey!"
"Look, junior, I could kick your ass any day of the week."
"You name time! Ixhriy mess you up bad!"
"Stop it!" Khyrisse screamed. "Both of you! You're acting like children!"
"Him start it," Ixhriy said.
"Bite me," Asinus grumbled.
"Now, did you say something, Vic?" Khyrisse asked.
"Sure did, beautiful, glad to see where you choose to put your attentions." Vic grinned. "I was just pointing out that the path we took here, the one that closed the anomaly around us, is actually the only path we can't take out."
"What?" Khyrisse asked.
"I mean that this is an island of no 'return'... we can't go back the way we came. But we can go out any other way."
"Damn semantics," Khyrisse grumbled. "No wonder this is hell. You need to be a Dalen major to understand things."
"But the way we came in is the only way in and out of the castle," Val offered.
"Au contraire, mi amour," Vic grinned. "What about that shroud of darkness covering the back... bet that hides something..."
"That am back door of darkness," Ixhriy offered. "None can see path, so all fall off into pit of eternal Jimmy Buffet."
"And..." Vic said, spinning around to point dramatically at Alphred. "Maestro?"
"The bat totem will save us all!" Alphred yelled.


"God, they talk a lot," Glasya whispered.
"I think the skinny one is cute," the redhead replied.
"Dibs on the loincloth," said the brunette.
"Boy, you leave me a hell of a lot of choice," Glasya sighed.

Character(s): Vic Paris, Kit Branagh
Author: Douglass Barre
Storyline: Hell to Pay
Title of Post: A Tale as Old as Time
Vic grinned at the new addition and handed the jester a business card. "Vic Paris, professional mathematician and adventurer. Welcome to the Rat Pack, guy."
"Uh, thanks," Schneider said. "You aren't any relation to Cosmo Paris, the carny leader, are you?"
"Cousin," Vic smiled.
"Well, tell him he still owes me twenty bucks. Now will someone tell me what we're all doing here?"
Vic put his arm around the masked jester congenially. "It's a beautiful story, pal. Y'see, our beautiful leader here got betrayed by this cute blonde thief, and her true love got sent to hell. We're here to rescue him."
"I signed up to rescue Khyrisse's boyfriend?" Schneider sighed.
Khyrisse was wincing and hiding her face.
"Yup. You're here in the service of true love. If anything can beat this netherworld of pain and sorrow, that's gotta be it, know what I mean?" Vic grinned and clicked his tongue.
"So who is this prince?" Schneider said, running his hands through his hair.
"A guy named Ebreth Tor," Vic said.
"Ebreth...?" Schneider shouted in disbelief.
"...Tor?!?" Ixhriy screamed.
"Did I say something wrong?" Vic asked.


Kit Branagh had snuck off in all the ruckus. There had to be something in this castle worth stealing, something to take as a memento to prove he had been to Hell and, hopefully, back. The room with the strange headless armors had looked promising, but Kit couldn't find something small enough to carry. Then he noticed the strange metal tracks going along the ceiling. Climbing the wall, he clambered over to a hook hanging in one of the tracks, and started to propel himself from room to room through the small cavities reserved for whatever this winch previously carried.
He saw a few potential items, but before he could decide on one thing or the other, he noticed the three women.
Holding his breath like Master M'Oak had taught him, he hung there, completely still and silent.
"Boy, you leave me a hell of a lot of choice," the blonde one said.
"You could have an elf," the redhead offered.
"Eww," the blonde muttered. "I'd rather take the donkey."
"How about the little boy?" the brunette suggested.
"Too young," the blonde sighed. "Maybe I'll take the new guy. I wonder what he looks like under that thing."
Kit silently slid the hook back along the track, the way they had come. He had to tell Miss Khyrisse about the three devil women, but somehow that they wouldn't know.
He raced down the stairway back to the level the rest of the Pack was on, and sauntered back into the room like he was never gone.
"Don't you agree, Kit?" Skitch asked about something.
"Oh, yeah, totally."

Character(s): A Jilted Devil
Author: Laura Redish
Storyline: Like A Bat Out Of Hell
Title of Post: Ixhriy Catches On
"Retty said Ebreth Tor friend!" yelled Ixhriy, furiously.
"I'll be your friend," Asinus offered Khyrisse.

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