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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

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This is by no means a complete list... in Riklandir, the Norse gods hold sway (and what a sway!). In Shikintu and Kyoko-Ra two rival pantheons battle. In Javin, well, let's leave Javin to the Javinites...

But, here are some important established...



Monotheistic Gods:

TAL, worshipped in much of the fallen Dalencian empire, including Sturtevant and Tobrinel

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Primal Forces:

IURUS Elder God of Order ("The Clockwork God")
KALITH Elder Goddess of Chaos ("Lady Chaos")
GRENDEL Wildcard Force, focused aggression
NEWELL Convenient Plot Development ("You BASTARD!")

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Aligned Deities:

BARUS LG Truth, Honor Greater God
SCALA LG Justice, Law Greater Goddess
RHIANNON NG Nature, "Lady of the Birds" Greater Goddess
MARLUKIN NG Social Reform Lesser God
ARIANNA CG Love, Desire Greater Goddess
PANINARO CG Festivities, Recreation, Sway Greater God
ARAWN LN Death, "The Grey Man" Greater God
RIP HUNTER LN Time, "Time Master" Demigod
DANAE N The Trinity of Fate Greater Goddesses
PROSPERO N Magic Greater God
BRIGIT N War, Poetry Greater Goddess
TALIESIN CN Bards, Music Lesser God
AYALA CN Luck, Fortune, Gamblers Greater Goddess
PARRYS CN Thieves, Rogues Lesser God
KHYRISSE CN Trade Lesser Goddess (NOT only)
LUCIFER LE Devils, "Fallen Angel" Greater God
DRAIZE NE Intrigue, Plotting Lesser God
CORRIGAR NE Disease, Pestilence Greater God
BRIONWY CE Deception, Bad Luck Lesser Goddess (only)
RATH CE Destruction, Carnage Greater God


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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