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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Fiction from the World of Ataniel

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Campaign Writings

The Chronicles of the Sunfighter, by Laura Redish
The story of the Ataniel campaign, from the perspective
of the only character who was there for all of it

Storyboard Chronicles, by Laura, Doug, Kris, Jonah, and Jeffy
Archives from the Ataniel Storyboard campaigns

The Hotel, by Laura
First draft of the conclusion to the first Storyboard campaign

Shards, by Douglass Barre
The prologue to Ataniel Year Two

Unfinished Business, by Douglass Barre [parts 1 and 2]
Prologue to the Five Year Reunion Campaign

Prologue Infinity!, by Jeff Hersh
Backtalk Prologue for the Five Year Reunion Campaign

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Ataniel-Related Fiction

Wish You Were Here, by Jonah Cohen
The fate of some of those who missed the Mithril Dagger's call

Coming Home, by Jeff Hersh
A tale about destruction, redemption, and penguins

Our Time in Eden, by Laura Nagel
The story of Alain MacLir's revolution in Bryttanwch

Bloody Mary, On the Rocks, by Evan Haag
Luthien kicks some vampire ASS!

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Hoaxes, Dreams, and Imaginary Stories
Text of the (non-canonical) Ataniel E-Mail Game of 1995

Here In The Forest, We Have No Psychodramas
Random wingshots from the twisted minds of both DM and players

You Know You're An Atanielite When...
What all this has done to our brains

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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