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Enigma Archives (Sep. 1998)

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and all posts are copyrighted to their respective author(s).

Title of Post: What You Need Here Is A 'Hot Spot Compact'
Author: Laura Redish
Characters: Sunfighter
Storyline: Jiggy Wit It


"Waow! Waow! Waow!"

"Hey, no dogs in the club, Pocahontas!" Meg moved quickly to intercept Kyria.

"She's with us," Aries bailed her out.

The club manager sighed. "Do the dogs have superpowers, too?" she asked nobody in particular.

Kyria was looking through her somehow. Her eyes didn't quite focus anymore. "Merwyn?" she said, slowly.

Meg looked back at her. "No," she said, "I'm Meg."

"Something is--not right, here."

Which was, of course, when the windows all blew out.

Title of Post: Warp Gets Jiggy
Author: Douglass Barre
Characters: Warp, Manstalker
Storyline: Second Genesis


Warp watched somewhat enviously as Jane headed off to make first contact with the new hero. They had drawn straws to see who would get to, and she had won. Warp got to talk to the agent.
"You must be Drew Osterhaus," Warp said to the man who had come up and started shaking hands. He watched as Rog snarked the man by pulling his hand away at the last minute with a grin.
"Warp," Drew said, ignoring Manstalker and keeping his smile pasted on, "what a pleasure this is. Welcome to the Hot Spot."
"Nice place you got here," Warp said. "We got your, ah, letter," he said. "You know, we don't generally admit members without a rigorous testing period."
"Hey," Drew grinned, "my boy is up to whatever you can throw at him. But let's leave that sort of business for the boardroom, my friend. Wait until you hear who I've got lined up to do an Enigma series."
"Phoebe!" Warp called. "Uh, you should talk to Ms. Epimetheus. She's our business manager."
"Business, sure," Drew said. "But we should talk about publicity. A very separate beast, you know."
"Mr. Osterhaus," Phoebe said as she maneuvered between the agent and the superhero. "I'm Phoebe Epimetheus. Why don't we find someplace to talk."
Warp used the opportunity to sneak over to the DJ.
"Do you have any Bruce?" he asked.
"Who?" the man asked.
"Springsteen. The Boss."
"Oh, yeah," the guy said, rolling his eyes. "I'll put it on right after I play some Pat Boone."
"I'm getting old," Warp muttered to himself, and headed for the bar to get a soda.

"You dance?" Rog asked Maggie.
"With those spikes?" she asked, pointing to his armor. "Wait for a slow one."

Title of Post: the end of the introduction for writers, the beginning for the characters
Author: ed han
Characters: firebrand, drew, meg
Storyline: what exactly does jiggy mean, anyway?

Location: the Hot Spot

Situation: the pre-opening opening

The Hot Spot was everything Firebrand hoped it would be and more, from the large TVs suspended from the ceiling, to the sweeping, open spaces between. The deep rich wood (what did they use? Firebrand made a me tal note to ask the architects) was beautifully set off by the brass railings.

Some brownie assembled all of Firebrand's press footage and put it on a tape that was playing on the TV in the back corner. It was a bit much, but a nice gesture that must have taken more than a few hours to do.

Firebrand just finished thanking everyone and was looking for Drew, who already cozied up with the manager about arrangements for dinner. Both were gesturing at one another, and both looked exasparated.

"Look, Meg, we don't know who's showing up, all right?"

"Drew, you hired me to run a tight ship. You're not making it easy for me."

"Hey, Meg, Drew; is there a problem?"

Meg replied, "No problem, FB; just seems we don't know who from the team's showing up tonight."

Firebrand looked at Drew. "Weren't we supposed to meet some of them earlier today?"

"What gave you that idea?"

"You told me! We were talking this morning about it and you said that we were going to meet with some of Enigma this afternoon, then if everything went okay, we would meet them here for dinner."

"Uh, no I didn't." Drew looked a bit sheepish.

Firebrand shot him a look. "Drew..."

"Well, we were running late taping the PSA so I asked them if we could just do it over dinner here. After all, Warp can get them all here in an instant if he wants."

"Man, I do not want to piss off these guys before I even meet them! Can't they get to know me first before I do that? I can't believe that you're jerking their chain like that--"

"Hey, relax; they're coming."

"Yeah? When?"

As if on cue, a shimmering blue portal suddenly appeared, suspended in mid-air. An impressive and beautiful effect, but it clashed terribly with the decor.

Drew grinned at his client. "Now what were you saying?"

Firebrand turned to face Drew fully, then bowed deeply. "Your kung-fu is better than mine," he intoned, then set off to greet his new teammates.

Drew and Meg watched as Firebrand sauntered off. "Sometimes, I think he's insane."

Meg loooked at Firebrand thoughtfully for a moment. "Yeah. But fun..."

Title of Post: No, No New Business
Author: Laura Redish
Characters: Sunfighter
Storyline: Sunny Came Home


Kyria stood looking out the window of the conference room. It was strange how little she looked like Kyria: something fragile in her eyes and fierce in her mouth, feathers knotted in her spilling black hair like a Cheyenne warrior queen, gauzy scarf fluttering behind her back from wrist to wrist like a Persian dancer. "Firebrand," she said, slowly. "I--had a dream, once."

"I thought you didn't sleep." Erin gave her transformed friend a strange look.

"Just--just a dream." Kyria shook her head dizzily. "We should find him. Maybe he can help us."

"Help us with what?" said Marc, perplexed.

"There's bound to be something soon," offered Gladiatrix.

The Sunfighter stood and looked out the window at the clouds.

Title of Post: Kyria Is Going To Be So Upset She Missed This
Author: Laura Redish
Characters: Sunfighter
Storyline: Sunny Came Home


Kyria's strange reflective eyes brimmed eerily through her careless cascade of hair as she sat on the sofa with Erin, watching the Star Trek season finale.

"Kyria?" said Erin. No answer, so she self-corrected. "Sunny? What's wrong?"

"I don't know," she whispered, distraught with wonder.

Title of Post: the obligatory figure in shadows post
Author: ed han
Characters: [currently anonymous], firebrand, drew
Storyline: what exactly does jiggy mean, anyway?

location: a headquarters, somewhere

situation: new NPC

It was a dark room, dominated by good-sized quantum computers. A tall, transparent cannister stood beside a console, within which a dark, metallic thing oozed. What light there was emanated from several large, flat displays, all displaying Firebrand from various angles. The light seemed to seep into the thing in the cannister.

Unconcerned, a solitary figure stood amidst all this, poring over one display. His attire, if it could be called that, melted slowly from configuration to configuration. Perhaps it hinted at the amusement of the entity beneath it?

A device in the corner began to display a four dimensional chart in the center of the room, listing power levels, relative temperature (in the native scale of course), control, and the variation across time. The figure examined the chart and the mask presently twisted i to a grin.

* * *

"What do you mean, you sent Enigma a letter?"

"Look, Firebrand, you're still kind of new. Sure, you're the flavor of the month, but you're going to need to be with a team if you're going to last."

"Man, I wanted to start my own team!"

"Firebrand, do you seriously think you could pull that off? You're forever at the clubs, you're immature, and you're still irresponsible!"

"Hey, I thought you were supposed to be my friend, Drew!"

"Sorry to disappoint, but you didn't hire me for that. You hired me to make some money. That's what I'm going to do." Firebrand attempted to protest, but Drew cut him off. "Now, eve yone knows who Enigma is. Stay with them for a while and then we can start to work with them to make everyone a little more money. We can do a Firebrand & Enigma game, we can talk to the boys at Homage about another book or two. The merchandising oppo tunities alone make this worth while."

"All right." Firebrand pouted a bit, after making sure there were no cameras. "You don't think this is gonna make me look like a wimp?"

"Hey, would I lie to you?"


"Hey, help me help you. This will make us money. Work with me here..."

"Okay. So what do I have to do?"

"Well, someone from the team will come by and check you out."

"Man, I should not have to be doing an interview..."

"Would you put your ego aside for just a minute? Far as they're concerned, you're just another guy from Newark. You gotta show them you're more. And stop that pouting, damn it!"

"All right...Well, what else do we have today?"

"Right. 1:00, there's that PSA--"

"--O, yeah. 'Don't let your future go up in smoke' right?"

"That's the one--4:00, press conference about Corona, and if the meeting goes well, we might be able to pull one together at 9:00, then cruise out to dinner afterwards with whoever shows up. lso, 4:45, comic book signing, and 6:00, meeting with the manager of the Hot Spot. And before you ask, the formal opening is next week."

"Sounds good. Will it open for my birthday? Yeah? Great. Well, what now?"

"Did you want to answer your fan mail?"

"E-mail or paper?"

"E-mail. We have people taking care of the paper. Heck, we've got one just to take care of the marriage proposals."

"Cool. Well, can't keep my public waiting..." Firebrand sauntered down the hall, breaking into a club dance.

"Firebrand, don't you take any of this seriously?"

"Drew, I have my old age to be serious. Besides, I'm not quite 21 and have more money than Momma made her entire life. You make money because I can spontaneously turn into a big ball of f re. Serious? You gotta be kidding..."

Title of Post: A few confidentiality issues
Author: S A Rudy
Characters: Gladiatrix
Storyline: Second Genesis

Jane raised her hand. "I have a couple of things. First off, I wanted to see about getting the stipend on direct deposit, because who has time to go to the bank, but I do have some, um, confidentiality issues."

"Confidentiality issues?"

"She means," Erin put in, looking rather pointedly at Warp, "that she doesnt want half the known universe finding out her real name."

"Oh, well, Im sure Pheebs can process it through some dummy corporations, no problem. And inside the team, were all friends here. I mean, we all already know your name is Jane, right?"

Jane grinned. Shed been planning this for weeks. "Actually," she said carefully, "technically all you know is that I said you could call me Jane. It could be that I just picked that as a convenient pseudonym for plainclothes missions. Yknow, like Jane Doe. For all you know, my real name could be something else entirely."

"Oh, well, is it?"

Jane kept smiling. Let him wonder for a while. "Ill cover the direct deposit thing with Phoebe later. Anyway, I have some thoughts on some of the other items. As far as tracking down that villain team we tangled with, we could certainly try a web search - after all, if Rift was on AOL, who knows what some of thhe other villains could be using. But we could also try an infiltration tactic. We could stage a public fight, have one of the team quit and pretend to go villain on us. If they are targeting Enigma specifically, they might try to recruit him. If we do go with that, Id tend to recommend Manstalker." She shrugged apologetically. "He and Warp have that long standing personality conflict, and hes got the darkest reputation on the team. No offense, Rog."

"None taken."

"Oh, and as far as admitting Firebrand, he does seem ... professional. Id be glad to drop in on him and check him out. I need to get some fresh air anyway."

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