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The Backseat Game Designer: The Rest of The Nancy Drew Reviews

This is the addendum to my Nancy Drew Games Review in which I put all my opinions that contain spoilers. If you haven't finished playing these games yet, you don't want to read this page. Please go back to the regular review site, where I promise to tell you everything you need to decide whether or not to play this game without giving away any of its plot.

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The Backseat Game Designer: Nancy Drew

These Backseat Game Designers pages are primarily a place for me to put all my game commentary that was too revealing for the regular reviews, as well as a place to tell everyone exactly how *I* would have done the game so much better. Hey, who knows, maybe the Nancy Drew design team'll read this page and be inspired to put a few more twists and turns in their next title. Ah, well, maybe it'll amuse my friends, anyway. Here's all the news about the Nancy Drew series that's fit to print, just not on the no-spoiler review site.

Nancy Drew Game Review Pages

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