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Stay Tuned For Danger Word-Puzzle Hints

The first Nancy Drew game, Secrets Can Kill, was full of dozens of 'hidden' spoiler hints to the puzzles and plot (and by this I mean little rhymes written upside-down or backward on every bulletin board with messages like "When things go astray, Tonight at Vandelay, It will not help to run, So you must grab the gun!")

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In Stay Tuned For Danger, the game designers have cut out 90% of that stuff, leaving behind a much better game; however, there are still a few word-puzzle spoilers remaining. All of them take some effort to solve, so it's not like the ones in "Secrets Can Kill" where you could hardly help spoiling the entire plot just by looking around the environment. Anyway, if you've found these word puzzles but just can't quite figure one of them out, here's what they say:

1) Word search in Mattie's room: The leftover letters spell "Shattered glass, Long-lost dreams, A broken timepiece, Is more than it seems."
2) Word puzzle on a CD called "The Publicity Stunts" in Rick's room: "One motive which deserves a mention: a simple hoax for pure attention."
3) Crossword puzzle in the prop room: The letters you use can be anagrammed into Dwayne Powers (or Owen W. Spayder, natch.)
4) Cipher in Millie's log book: "Many pages come before this, In the log book with a clue, But nothing comes after this, Unless it's written on the glue."
5) Cipher in Lillian's calendar: "Life is like a box of chocolates."
6) Cipher on a crate in the set: "Escape harm, Sound alarm."
7) Cipher in Dwayne's office: "One will come and one will go, Never the two of their faces show, Follow one to find another, Catch the first, you've caught the other!"
8) Italicized words on Lillian's fax: "A bitter hoax tainted with hate is a secret revenge from a previous date."
9) Musical notes on the piano: "Cage a bad egg, ace." (Pretty useless, but there's not much you can spell with only the letters A-G.)

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