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Welcome to my The Final Scene walk-through. (-: If you're new to my series of low-spoiler computer game walkthroughs, the idea is to point players towards things they might not have tried in each game rather than giving away puzzle solutions or offering step-by-step instructions.

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These Nancy Drew games are structured a little differently than most graphic adventure games, though. In particular, you can solve most of the game's puzzles in any order you feel like, making a chronological walkthrough of little use, but the physical area the game is played in is TINY -- only 10-15 rooms per game. In light of this, rather than breaking my walkthrough down into "chapters" or "stages," I'm just going to break it down into areas, with a checklist of important tasks at the beginning and one of optional tasks at the end. Note that I don't tell you how to solve any of the puzzles--just where they are. If you've found a puzzle but just can't seem to get it right no matter what you do, UHS is a good place to go for a single hint that won't spoil the rest of the game for you.

The Final Scene: Key Tasks

If you find yourself getting stuck in the game, keep in mind that the answer frequently doesn't have anything to do with puzzles or additional exploration. The only times the plot of The Final Scene actually advances are after you've spoken with the NPC's, sent Nancy to bed, or both. So if you really have no idea what to do next, first make sure that none of the four NPC's have anything to say to you, and then try calling Bess and Ned on the telephone for advice. If all those things fail, take a look at this checklist of important tasks you will need to complete to solve the game (the order is largely up to you):

1) Talk to all the NPC's. Repeatedly. Having certain conversations with them is necessary for the plot to progress. You'll need to call the police a few times to move the plot along, too, and a few other people whose phone numbers will be revealed later in the game (too bad Nancy hasn't got a cellphone.) Calling George, Bess and Ned is completely optional in The Final Scene. If nothing much seems to be happening, make sure none of the four NPC's nor the police have anything new to say to you.
2) Figure out how to open the secret door Joseph told you about (you can't get into the Women's Dressing Room until you do.)
2) Find a way into the basement.
3) Open a magic box in the basement and get an important item. (This will require solving a dial puzzle, a picture puzzle, and finding two gears to insert into the box.)
4) Win a guessing game with a robotic marionette and get an important item.
5) Figure out how to get into the secret area under the stage (you can't do this until the press conference starts.)
6) Escape from the secret area under the stage (you'll have to solve a slider puzzle and one of those annoying guess-the-code-by-trial-and-error puzzles.)
7) Get into Brady's briefcase and steal his pencil. (Seriously. You'll need it, and Nancy apparently doesn't carry one.)
8) Receive a package from the Library of Congress.
9) Open the projector (requires making a new projector key.)
10) Solve the timed sequence (hiding from the police.)
11) Get the projector working and view two slides (the one that came from the Library of Congress and the one you found inside the projector.)
12) Succeed at the timed endgame challenge, and you've won! Everything else in the game is optional (see below.)

The Final Scene: Area Guide

The game does its irritating best to hide it by making it take dozens of useless clicks to get from one area to the next, but there are really only twelve rooms in this mansion, and two of them cannot be accessed during Day 1. Though hallways are "rooms" in some Nancy Drew games, in The Final Scene they are not-- you generally cannot turn to look around you in the halls, and there is nothing in them other than decor. They are only passages from one area to the next, and you don't need to worry about squinting at all the posters on the walls--so far as I could tell none of them contains a clue or even an Easter Egg.

Unlike most Nancy Drew games, The Final Scene is actually arranged temporally, not by area. There are three chapters ("days") with new things that will appear in each of the areas at different times. Be sure to revisit each of the main rooms (the ticket booth and the four rooms containing NPC's) each time a new day begins, once the press conference begins, and any time the plot seems to have ground to a halt. Things worth noticing in each area:

Men's Dressing Room

*A telephone is in here, which features in the opening sequence but is otherwise not useful. (You'll need to go to the ticket office to call out.)
*Brady is usually in here, leaning against the wall; you'll need to return to talk to him many times in order for the plot to advance.
*You can get closeup views of the sink, a box of stuff on the sofa, and so on, but it's all just decorative--you cannot take or interact with any of it, so don't worry about it. There are no objects in here that you can pick up until Day 3 (when Brady leaves some new stuff in here.)
*There is a locked drawer, but you won't be able to open it until Day 2.
*There is a secret door leading to the women's dressing room; all you need to do is figure out how to open it. :-)

Women's Dressing Room

*You'll have to go through the secret passage from the men's room in order to get into this room the first time; after that you can enter and exit by the front door if you'd rather.
*Simone is usually in here; you'll need to return to talk to her many times in order for the plot to advance.
*You can get closeup views of many shelves full of objects, but it's all just decorative--you cannot take or interact with any of it, so don't worry about it. There are no objects in here that you can pick up until Day 2 (when Simone leaves.)


*Nicholas is sometimes in here by the refreshment stand; you'll need to return to talk to him many times in order for the plot to advance.
*There's a puzzle machine you can play in here to win an important object.
*There's a keymaking machine in here which you won't be able to use until Day 3 (it's out of order until then and there's nothing you can do to fix it-- just wait and it will get fixed automatically later on.)

Ticket Booth

*The phone is in here; you'll need to return many times to call the police or other people whose phone numbers you learn throughout the game. (Talking to Bess, George, and Ned is optional.)
*The police department phone number can be found on a flyer on the wall, but "911" also works just fine. All the other phone numbers are useless-- there aren't even any funny answering machine messages or anything like that, just a long and boring sequence of empty rings. Useful phone numbers will always appear on the menu list once you've learned them, so except for 911, don't waste your time dialing anything that isn't on the menu list.
*Notes, newspapers, flyers, and fed-ex deliveries for Nancy are always left in the ticket office.

Projector Room

*You can enter this room immediately, but the interface is so cranky it's easy to miss the arrows that lead up here. You need to go up the stairs from the lobby, opposite the ticket office, to reach it. It's directly in the middle of the two staircases.
*Joseph is usually in here; you'll need to return to talk to him many times in order for the plot to advance.


*There is one useful item to be found in this room. You have to be facing in exactly the right direction to see it, so you may need to make a few circuits around the room before noticing it.
*There is also some popcorn on one of the seats which Nancy will remark on if you click on it, but you can't do anything with it.

Box Seats #1

*There is one useful item to be found in this small room.

Box Seats #2

This room is just here for symmetry. There's nothing in it.


*There is one useful item you can get here, but you'll have to figure out how to retrieve it.


*You need to open a secret door before you can get into this area.
*You can play the animatronic "Amazing Monty" card game to win a useful item.
*There's a wall safe you will need to solve a dial puzzle to open; within it is a box, and to open that you will need to solve another puzzle and insert two inventory objects. Once you get it open, there is useful information and an important item in here.

Magician's Room

*You will not be able to enter this room until Day Two, when you can figure out how to open the series of secret doors that leads into it.
*You can get interesting close-ups of the guillotine, the pizza boxes, and some of the magicians' decor in here.
*You can read an interesting excerpt from the "Magic Secrets" book.

Secret Attic

You'll only get access to this room during the timed endgame in the last minutes of the game. :-)

The Final Scene: Optional Actions

Have you:

*Listened to the press conference (not very interesting, but parts of it are amusing)?
*Examined the book Brady was reading (and the doodles he drew in it?)
*Rifled through Simone's purse, looked at the pictures in her digital camera, and hacked into her email?
*Read the letters on Joseph's phone stand (regarding his brother), and discussed it with him?
*Found proof of who sent the floral arrangement and confronted them about it?
*Nearly gotten creamed by a falling stage light? (This will only happen if you walk in the backstage passageway between the two dressing rooms sometime after the press conference begins.)
*Played with the microphone and sound system in the projector room?
*Played with the guillotine in the magician's room?
*Played the tape in the recorder on the floor of the projector room?
*Read the documents inside the safe with the keys in the endgame?
*Tried to use the sledgehammer to get Maya out of the refrigerator? (You can't even try to use the hacksaw, so don't bother with it.)

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