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The Haunted Carousel Spoilers

This is the section for commentary about the game that would probably ruin your playing of it, so please go back to the low-spoiler The Haunted Carousel Hints if you haven't played the game yet.

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If you have read that page already, and you still have questions remaining, then read on:

Possible Deaths in The Haunted Carousel
Plot Holes in The Haunted Carousel
Easter Eggs and Optional Actions
Plot Summary and Character Subplots
The Backseat Game Designer

The Haunted Carousel Death Scenarios

Unlike most Nancy Drew games, errors are rarely fatal in The Haunted Carousel. There are many game-ending mistakes to be made, but no matter how deadly they may seem (touching a live electrical circuit, getting struck by a speeding roller coaster car, etc.) the game will just cut to Nancy in the hospital being yelled at and fired by Paula for getting hurt. (Not too surprising that all her employees but Harlan are double-crossing her behind her back, now, is it?) As far as I can tell there are only two ways to actually die in this game:

*You can be impaled by the moving shafts if you activate the carousel remote control while Nancy is inside the carousel machinery.
*You can be killed by the villain in the endgame if you fail to make good your escape.

And here's the list of ways you can get Nancy fired by Paula in this game:

*You can start a fire by leaving the iron in your hotel room turned on.
*You can fall off the carousel while trying to collect a brass ring.
*You can electrocute yourself if you touch an electrical circuit while it is turned on (there are two locations you can do this.)
*You can cause a short circuit if you solder the keycard reader outside the roller coaster incorrectly.
*You can be hit by the roller coaster if you don't rewire the controls in time.
*You can put an eye out if you use the lathe without wearing goggles.
*You can be hit on the head with a fish statue if you don't move out of the way.

Easter Eggs and Optional Actions

There is an easter egg in Haunted Carousel... click on the upper right corner by the door in Ingrid's workshop when Ingrid is away (above the fire extinguisher) and answer a trivia question to get it. Once you have it, go to the arcade and click on the far right wall to have an amusing phone conversation.

There are also a number of actions you can take in the game which are entirely optional to the plot. To give them a try, follow this link: The Haunted Carousel Options.

Spoilers: Plot Holes

The Haunted Carousel has a very good plot that holds together quite well, but a couple of major holes did stand out:

1) If Joy was the one who stopped the roller coaster ride, does that mean she was also the one who tried to kill Nancy on the coaster? This makes the most sense from a plot perspective (and matches with the pencil found on the scene,) but it's hard to believe she would have gone off to apologize to Paula and not even bothered apologizing for the attempt on Nancy's life!

2) How did Elliott get into the secret workshop where he was carving horses in the first place, since he obviously didn't have the password Nancy acquired from Miles and since the automaton that controlled the entrance was non-functional till Nancy fixed it?

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