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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

I've been putting together a rough order of songs and events, but there are still some characters and/or occurrances that don't have songs to go with them yet. That's where you all come in. I need to get song ideas for all of the entries that don't have them listed already. I also need to know anything that I've left off of this list. Some of the character songs may end up being taken off the UB soundtrack, as they dupe some of Jonah's soundtrack, and I want something expressly for UB. Besides, I want to fit it all on a 90 minute tape (yeah, good luck, Barre!). If you have a song for your character that is more UB appropriate than "in general" appropriate, I'd like to hear about it. (For example: I'd rather not put "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" for Max on the soundtrack, but I'd be happy to put "My Soul's Been Ripped Out By A Big Black Sword" on it as Max's song.)

So, with only minimal further ado...

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Character/Event Song
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Part One: 96 Hours
Shadowlands Pimpf/Depeche Mode
Nora Ino Cool Water/Joy Askew
Waterloo Waterloo/ABBA
Reunion ???
Wyvern's Warning/96 Hours ???
Trade Assassin's Guild Murder Incorporated/Bruce Springsteen
Cult of Tjekanefir ???
Death of Jenny Jenny I Read/Concrete Blonde
Philip Ino Season in Hell (Fire Suite)/John Cafferty
Staff of the Walker/Traveller ???
Trade Town Without Pity/Brian Setzer Orchestra
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Part Two: Time of Greatest Need
Paninaro Paninaro/Pet Shop Boys
Eric ???
Shannon ???
Bryttanwch Waiting For The Wheel To Turn/Capercaillie
Queen Deirdre ???
Siobhan MacLir ???
Temple of the Weird Sisters ???
Derek the Ranged ???
The Plateau ???
Book Divider
Part Three: Shadows of the Past
Darkhawke ???
The Spiral Path ???
Siege of the Mithril Dagger ???
Attack on Shadow/Milamber ???
Torin ???
Oscar ???
Rip Hunter's Rescue ???
Book Divider
Part Four: Bane
Bane Bad Moon Rising/3 Dog Night
Pilot Scouts Sailor Moon Theme/Sailor Moon Soundtrack
Imprisoned (KH & Magnate) ???
Lord Forix ???
Trillarillia Cararia ???
Syndriannia Little Wing/Jimi Hendrix
Praxis and the Mind Gem ???
"Heroes Standing in the Ashes" ???

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Any that I've missed covering? Am I covering things too uneventful to deserve songs? Please let me know! (And yes, Scott, if there's space, I'll put all three Shadowsongs on the end...)


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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