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A Quiet Weekend In Capri: Red Herrings

Oddly enough, there are eight objects you can pick up in A Quiet Weekend in Capri that are completely useless within the game. (A ninth object, the turtle statue, has a purported use which just happens to be unnecessary.)

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If you've found one or more of these objects and are trying to find out if there's anything interesting you could do with any of them, try no longer. There isn't.

*swiss army knife
*map tile
*greenish-white herb (sage?)
*Gravitiello lamp
*turtle statue

The sage is clearly there to make it harder for you to identify the basil; the turtle statue would seem to be a bug. (Some other walkthroughs claim it 'chirps' when you come near the blue arrow, but this never happened in my game, and besides, you can find that arrow with or without the turtle.) It might be possible to write the ugly map tile off as ambience, since the picture on it is reproduced on the intro screen. There's no possible reasonable explanation for the four useless tools (unless the game designers intended to call attention to the fact that it's impossible to use a tool on anything in this game?), the unsmokeable cigarette (you have a cigarette, you have a match, but you can't combine them?), or the Gravitiello lamp that the catalogue says can be used to make a wish, but in fact cannot (I thought you might be able to use it if you took Mata Haprik's 100,000 caprini check, but there seems to be no way to do so.) They're straightforward design flaws and you should ignore them and move on to the rest of the game.

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