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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Calvinball Game at Tremontagne

Doug: You don't want to play games like that with Derek.

Kris: Trust me, I know that too.

Doug: He's really good at Calvinball, though!

Kris/Khyrisse: Cool. That should mess up Eric's garden something awful. I'll have to learn.

Doug/Derek: Learn Calvinball? You have gone mad, haven't you?

Kris/Khyrisse: Like father like daughter! *evil, EEEVIL grin* (Now where can I get me a stuffed egret?... Hmm...)

Doug/Derek: Hey, by putting in play a stuffed egret, I'm allowed to take two extra "noogie" moves!!!

Kris/Khyrisse: Oh, yeah? Well, you get the two "noogie" moves, but I'm wearing blue today, which means I can drag any passing pedestrian into the game to take my punishment.

*Khyrisse yanks a very alarmed Eric into her spot and skips off, giggling evilly*

Kris/Khyrisse: Last one to the flying orange soufflee has to stand on one leg while singing the Cynystran anthem backwards!

Eric: I really don't have time for this.

Doug/Derek: You said "time"! That means you have to eat this bug, 'cause you're in the "don't say it" zone!

Eric: I am not going to eat a bug.

*Khyrisse gets a wicked look on her face and then falls over laughing*

Kris/Khyrisse: No, I imagine not!

*Khyrisse dances in a circle around Eric with Doug (dressed as Derek, natch), doing the Walk-Like-An-Egyptian dance*

Doug/Derek: Forfeit! That's thirty bazillion and a half points for each of us!

Kris/Khyrisse: Eric sucks at Calvinball! Eric sucks at Calvinball!!

Eric: I do not "suck" at Calvinball. And I refuse to forfeit.

Doug/Derek: Eat a bug! Eat a bug!

Eric: Actually, I believe that you both are now in violation of the "don't repeat the same sentence twice" day statute, wherein all punishments heretofore applied to those in the "don't say it" zone are doubled upon both of you. Here are four bugs.

Doug/Derek: (to Khyrisse) Why does he carry bugs with him?

Kris/Khyrisse: (to Derek) It freaks people out. Well, other people. (to Eric) I thought you didn't have time for this? *GASP!* Oh, no, I said "time", too! Dammit, who taught him Calvinball? *grabs the bugs, pours chocolate over them and eats them* But you still get two noogies. Get him, Dad!

*Khyrisse grabs the polka-dotted plastic flag and sneaks off towards the flying orange soufflee. SHE'S not singing the Cynystran anthem backwards.*

Book Divider

Doug: Why do I suspect that this is going on the web page sometime soon...

Kris: Now all we need is for Ixhriy and Karel to get dragged into the game, and it'd be PERFECT...

Doug: And Shannon. Can you see her playing Calvinball? She'd probably kick ass.

(From e-mail between Douglass Barre and Kristin Andersen, 5/19/97)

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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