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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

The History Of Ansalia

But the DIARI *NEVER* came to Ansalia...

Here is the official word on the connections and continuities
between Ataniel and Ansalia, as explained to Eric (and blessed by Doug).
Feel free to correct any misinformed history grad students you might meet.

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Lhoki: I assume Ansalia is the Sunfighter's name for Earth.

Tjekanefir: Oh. Yes. Sorry. Ataniel remnant. (: "Ansalia" is the old Ataniel name for the side of the world with, like, ancient Egypt on it, before the Inversion basically destroyed Ataniel and the Earth became spherical.

Lhoki: I'm missing a big piece of history here... could you tell it to me while I write a bit for Marc?

Tjekanefir: Sure, but none of your characters would know it anyway: Garal is much too early, and Marc is much too late. Back in ancient times, our planet was a discus-shape. It maintained this shape because of a powerful magic nexus to one side of it. That side was Ataniel. The other was Ansalia. Around 1500 years in the future from the Ataniel of Garal's day, the Deathless sorcerer Arturian, to protect the nexus, will wrap the planet around it, crushing Ataniel and trapping himself at the center of the earth. The magical nexus still exists today, although due to all the rock and stuff in the way it's very hard to access for those who weren't already used to using it, and by now, there are very few of us left.
So the next time you make fun of the ancients for thinking the world was flat--think twice. (:

Lhoki: That helps! I didn't know Garal's world is flat. What does Garal know of the nexus?

Tjekanefir: Nothing at all. No one on Ataniel or Ansalia explicitly knows it's there. Garal just knows that mages and clerics can cast spells.

Lhoki: Oh, I see. Almost no one in Marc's time can cast magic because they don't know about/can't contact the nexus?

Tjekanefir: Well, not *completely* flat. It's kind of convex. But you're right, it's not round. When you're on one side, you have to go all the way across to the other!

Lhoki: That's cool.

Tjekanefir: Almost no one can cast magic because they aren't able to access the nexus, which is now heavily shielded by miles of the earth's mantle. Magic items still function there. Kyria's tried to teach some people, but it doesn't take very well.

Lhoki: Cool. Is the remnant of Ataniel inside Ansalia/Earth now? Did a lot of people get trapped?

Tjekanefir: Most people on Ataniel were killed during the Inversion. A small percentage escaped to Ansalia. The ruins of Ataniel are still down there somewhere. Doug and I are convinced that if we dig far enough, we can find them. (:

Lhoki: That explains your comment when I was kicking around a Shadowrun character... Kris didn't mention that twist. I see now why Ataniel and the superhero stuff need to be consistent.

Tjekanefir: Actually, we haven't figured out the continuity between Warp's Ansalia and yours and mine yet. I think it has something to do with a shifting of phase related to mutant energies, and that people like Warp and Kyria can travel back and forth--Warp spending most of his time on the more exciting mutant Earth, and Kyria spending most of hers on the simpler Earth we inhabit. But we've put that aside for the moment. (:
Oh, and the one other twist is that the island of Ireland is an immigrant from Ataniel. Brytannwch was dimensionally displaced a few years before the Madness, and during the Madness its guardian lost control of it and it landed on Ansalia. That was about 1000 BC. It wasn't there before then.

Lhoki: But 1000 BC was after the inversion?

Tjekanefir: No, the inversion was around 560 AD, in Ansalian time. The Madness was around 1000 BC, in Ansalian time.

Lhoki: Umm... How do you reconcile it with ancient Earth history? The Greeks and all.
Can people on Ataniel get to contemporary Ansalia?

Tjekanefir: Atanielites didn't visit Ansalia very much. It's very difficult to reach. Max went there once (he reached Ancient Egypt). Magic doesn't work well there (the nexus problem again) and Atanielites had certain mental difficulties on the Otherside. So the two worlds remained fairly remote.

Lhoki: So loss of magic in Brytannwch/Ireland, which fits with legend.

Tjekanefir: There had been a certain amount of colonization during a previous era. Travellers had reached much of Asia from Ataniel back in 3000 BC or so Ansalian time. But they came by a tortuous underground path beneath Kyoko-Ra which has since been destroyed, and the settlers lost their magic and simply became part of Ansalian history.
And there is a whirlpool off the northern coast of Riklandir which has periodically thrown longships into the Ansalian waters. But again, these travellers simply assimilated into Ansalian culture, having no real way of getting home.

Lhoki: So that's why there are such strong similarities between some Earth cultures and some of Ataniel's... Was Ansalian geography close to Earth's? Except for the flat part.

Tjekanefir: I *wanted* to do my dissertation on how the direct infusion of the Gaelic languages from Ataniel, as opposed to the more indirect influence of the related Old Tobrinese upon Latin, explained the linguistic aberrations in the Gaelic languages' historical linguistic development, but I thought I might not get my degree...
Geography: Yes.

Lhoki: Dissertation: (-:

Tjekanefir: Well, I've got to get going. Hope you enjoyed the history they never taught you in social studies class. (:

Lhoki: Yes, Mrs. Redish. (-:

(From an AIM conversation between Laura Redish and Eric Gasior)

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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